Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks led tributes to Christine McVie, a Fleetwood Mac band member who passed away at 79. After hearing the news, Fleetwood said that a piece of his heart had “flown away,” and Nicks lamented the loss of his “best friend in the entire world. “.

Following a brief illness, McVie’s family announced her passing on Wednesday. Fleetwood Mac released a single statement even though Nicks and Fleetwood later made separate comments on social media.

In his essay, Fleetwood said, “This is a day where my beautiful darling Friend Christine McVie has risen to fly and left us, earthbound persons, to listen to the melodies of that songbird,’ informing one. All that love is about reaching for and touching in this precious life given to us.

Christine McVie, you will be sorely missed. Today, a piece of my heart flew away. I am constantly being hit with memories. “.

Despite not knowing about McVie’s condition until Saturday night, Nicks said he wanted to see her in London.

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She wrote on Instagram, “A few hours ago, I was informed that my most fantastic companion in the world since the first day of 1975 had passed away. “Until late Saturday night, I had no idea she was ill. Despite my intense desire to go to London, we were told to wait. “.

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Released in 1977, Rumors featured singles like Second Hand News, and You Make Loving Fun. It is one of the best-selling albums of all time and maybe their most well-known. The album sold over 40 million copies worldwide and featured several multi-platinum hits.

McVie was praised as “truly a kind remarkable, and talented beyond measure” in a tweet from the group. “.

We mourn Christine McVie’s passing with a sorrow that cannot be expressed in words. She was “unique, outstanding, and very gifted,” the statement said. She was the best musician anyone could have in their band and the best friend anyone could have.

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“Having her as a life partner was a blessing. We all adored Christine and treasure our wonderful memories of her. She is going to be sorely missed. “.

One of the band’s most well-known songs, Songbird, was written by keyboardist and singer McVie. He wrote You Make Loving Fun, Oh Daddy, and Little Lies.

According to John Taylor, the bassist for Duran Duran, McVie “radiated both purity and sass in equal measure.”. “.

Taylor expressed her sorrow on the group’s account, saying, “Incredibly sorry to learn about Christine McVie, an artist I held dear and close to my heart.”. She was a fantastic singer, songwriter, and band member throughout history. She embodied the innocence and sass of the 1970s in equal measure. RIP. “.

American singer Sheryl Crow also paid homage to Christine McVie, saying, “I am so sad to hear that Christine McVie has gone on to heaven. Without her, the world appears odd. What a hero, an icon, and a remarkable individual. RIP. “.

McVie’s debut solo album, Christine Perfect, was released in 1970 and was named after her maiden name. She stated, “There are probably a few great tunes on there,” in an interview with Uncut magazine this year. “.

The musician released Songbird in June this year, a collection of songs from two of her prior solo albums.

Eight group members, including her, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. McVie quit the band in 1998, nearly three decades later, but she returned in 2014 after an exceptional performance at the O2 rekindled her love for singing and playing.

At the time, she reportedly told the Guardian that it “felt amazing, like I’d never gone.”. The same well-known faces greeted me when I got back on stage. “.

After leaving the band and relocating to Kent from California in 2017, she appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs. She discussed how she had grown more reclusive and had experienced phobias there.

The other co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green, passed away two years ago at 73.

In a statement, Christine’s family said, “It is with great sadness that we inform you of Christine’s death.”. After a brief illness, she passed away peacefully this morning, Wednesday, November 30, 2022, at the hospital. “.

With her family, she was present in the space. We humbly ask that you respect the family’s privacy during this incredibly trying time and that everyone thinks of Christine as a wonderful person and a revered musician who was adored by all. “.