Popular musician Ed Sheeran has been hard at work on a docuseries that will be released on May 2. The specifics of Ed’s life and career are explored in “The Sum Of It All.”. He also discusses the health concerns his wife experienced while carrying their second child. Recently, the documentary’s debut trailer was made public. Sheeran is seen sobbing as he discusses how his wife’s health affects his own mental health. Family of Ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn shared a childhood in Sheffield, England, Ed’s hometown. But it wasn’t until they got back together in 2015 that their relationship turned romantic. Although they mostly kept their relationship out of the public eye, their fans continue to celebrate their union. They became engaged in 2017 and secretly wed one year later. Cherry and Ed Sheeran had their first child in 2020. He shared a photo of Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran’s healthy birth on Instagram. While Cherry was six months pregnant with their second daughter, the doctors discovered a tumor in her. They both felt a great deal of stress and anxiety as a result of this. Until she gave birth in May 2022, the doctors were unable to treat her tumor because she was pregnant. Ed shared a photo on Instagram of Jupiter’s birth. Regarding Cherry’s health, he however left his fans in the dark.

The Sum of it All Jamal Edwards, his best friend and career launcher, experienced cardiac arrest following a night of cocaine and alcohol use a few months before his wife’s health deteriorated. He passed away suddenly, causing Ed Sheeran to lose his footing. The first episode of The Sum of it All focuses on the coincidence of his passing and the challenges his wife and he faced due to her tumor. The loss simply took control of my life, Ed claims in the trailer. “Disney proposed making a docuseries about The Shape of You artist Ed Sheeran’s life and career to him. It briefly discusses his ascent to fame and the path he took to become the popular pop star he is today. Ed finds it difficult to divulge details about his private life because he considers himself to be “guarded.”. Sheeran stated in a statement, “I’ve always been very guarded in my personal and private life; the only documentary I’ve ever made was one that focused on my songwriting. It felt like the right time to throw open the door and let people in when Disney approached me about producing a four-part documentary. I hope people like it. “Life is Unpredictable.”.

The docuseries’ trailer teases a scene in which Ed Sheeran visibly sobs as a result of the loss and stress he was feeling due to Cherry’s condition. Ayo Davis, president of Disney Branded Television, said, “In this docu-series, we’re going to reveal a side of Ed Sheeran that fans have never seen before.”. “In collaboration with Fulwell 73, we’ve made something incredibly real and intimate that will not only enthrall audiences but also encourage them to dream big and follow their passions. “.

“Life is unpredictable. Plans can quickly change. Finally, he adds, “And then fireworks, then kissing, and then Disney!”.