The tragic 1991 passing of music legend Eric Clapton’s young son has been made clear by a biography.

On a tragic day in 1991, when the young son of music legend Eric Clapton passed away at four, it was meant to be the start of a new beginning.

However, the upsetting event inspired two of the musician’s most well-known songs.

The 73-year-old Clapton and the Italian actress Lory del Santo were the parents of Conor. The day before he passed away, Clapton made a memorable trip with Conor to the Long Island circus.

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It was the first time the renowned guitarist brought his son out, according to Philip Norman’s biography Slowhand: The Life And Music Of Eric Clapton.

Norman claimed that Clapton “wanted to be a proper father. “.

When the tragedy occurred, Clapton was en route to pick up Conor for yet another day trip—this time, to the Bronx Zoo and lunch at an Italian eatery.

Conor was rushing about the 53rd-floor New York City apartment where his mother shared a residence with Italian film producer Silvio Sardi.

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One of the living room windows had been fixed by a janitor, but Norman recalls that it was still open.

Conor reportedly dashed past the nanny and jumped onto the low window ledge, where he occasionally pressed his nose against the glass to look outside before vanishing. The author wrote that Conor disappeared before the nanny could respond when he yelled at her to watch the toddler.

Sadly, the four-year-old was killed after falling.

The legendary chart-toppers Circus Left Town and Tears in Heaven, the latter of which features some of classical music’s most well-known lyrics were written by Clapton in response to the terrible catastrophe.

Because I know I do not belong in heaven, I must be courageous and persistent. If I saw you in heaven, would you recognise me? If I saw you in paradise, would it be the same?

Two days before Conor turned 46, Clapton said his final goodbyes to him during his son’s funeral.

Famously, Clapton said that his son was “the one thing in my life that may turn out positively.”.