Because of her fame in the fitness industry and her exposure to Jacqueline’s tale of success in losing 170 kg on her own, Heidi Powell learned about it.

This story astounded Heidi, so she chose to blog about it and let us know about it. She aimed to convince us that anything is attainable if we put our minds to it.

Jacqueline Adan has struggled with weight gain and has never felt confident doing certain things or leaving the house. She ate more as her annoyance increased.

Over time, she tried a variety of diets, but nothing appeared to be able to help her. Food was a constant source of anxiety for Jacqueline because she was constantly on a diet. She decided to stop caring about what she ate when she started college and to live a life similar to those around her.

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Her sister Jenny, her boyfriend Kevin, and they all wanted to visit Disneyland one day. Disneyland was one of Jacqueline’s favourite places, and she was eager to see it, but her expectations still needed to be met.

She was so frail that she hardly made it to the entrance before having to rent a wheelchair. Jacqueline’s weight had made it nearly impossible for her to walk.

She used a wheelchair to travel to Disneyland. After all, she felt humiliated by how people treated her and seemed to think it was wrong that she couldn’t walk alone because she weighed so much.

Because of her weight, Jacqueline could not participate in any park activities, which made her feel humiliated.

Her rage, shame, humiliation, and shock were overwhelming after leaving the park. She couldn’t believe that she had just let herself become involved in this predicament.
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Jacqueline decided to change her life after turning 25 in February 2021, and nothing could stop her from doing so. She picked up the phone and dialled Jenny Craig. The fact that she needed to lose 300 pounds was revealed to her there, but she was confident that she could do it.

She felt overburdened when she left the office but was adamant about getting what she wanted.

She lost 100 pounds with Jenny Craig’s support and encouragement in the first year. She was travelling with her family and friends as well.

She had already completed half the distance by August 2013. Then she returned to Disneyland with her cousins, Kevin and Jenny. Because Jacqueline could fit on every ride this time, the experience was entirely different. As a result, she became even more motivated and self-assured, vowing to stick with her plans and never let her size prevent her from living fully.
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Before Christmas, Jacqueline visited Disneyland one last time, and Kevin then got down on one knee. Disneyland had transformed into a place where dreams come true, and she was happier than ever.

Her life had changed a few years ago. She had already shed 200 pounds and was engaged. When Jacqueline reaches her ideal weight, she will get married. Jacqueline tried to persuade herself that even though she was not losing weight as quickly as she would have liked at the beginning of 2014, if she ate, she wouldn’t regain her weight. Fortunately, she found the way to the correct path very quickly.

She began “Fit For Life Solutions” in 2015 and enjoyed it; the trainers were beneficial.

Jacqueline noticed that with exercise, you could see results not just on the scale but also in shrinking inches. At last, she noticed some definition in her muscles!

Jacqueline continues to eat Jenny Craig’s meals while working out four or five times per week. The weight on the scale has not changed in six months, but there have been visible physical changes.

Although she is relieved that she can lose weight, she is currently having trouble accepting the extra skin left after the procedure. She is attempting to get reimbursement from her insurance company for the surgery to remove the excess skin, but they are classifying it as cosmetic.

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Since her first skin removal procedure, Jacqueline has tried to reduce her stress levels and instead concentrate on her recovery. She will undoubtedly resolve her issues later on.

Even though her journey is far from over, Jacqueline is eager to see what lies ahead. She is relieved that she no longer feels self-conscious and can finally relish life.

She is no longer concerned that her weight will prevent her from participating in an activity with her family or friends or that she will need a wheelchair to get around.

Jacqueline advises everyone to be patient when setting goals because the outcomes won’t happen right away. If our expectations are too high, we risk being let down and giving up on our dreams, as she did for many years before encountering an extreme circumstance.

Jacqueline demonstrated that anything is possible if we keep our eyes on the prize and are persistent and unwavering in our pursuit of it. Additionally, putting forth the effort and commitment necessary to achieve everything we set out to do is crucial.