At Tuesday night’s People’s Choice Awards, Selma Blair was honoured as the best competition participant of 2022. She received this recognition for her superb Dancing With the Stars performance.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Selma’s co-star and close friend, presented the award to her, and as Selma took the medal, many of her fans sobbed uncontrollably.

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Tears watching Selma Blair accept her PeoplesChoiceAwards for DWTS, another commenter wrote in response to the first, “Selma Blair already made me emotional, and ThePeoplesChoiceAwards have just begun.”.

Another person praised Selma for her fortitude in the face of her multiple sclerosis diagnosis and added, “Kudos to Selma Blair for living life to the fullest. Selma Blair bravely and gracefully manages to live with MS. “.

Selma remarked in response to receiving a prize, “I can’t believe the people gave me something after giving me so much after the previous few years. “.

She also thanked Sasha Farber, her dancing partner, saying “Thank you to Sasha for being my partner and finding a way to help me move. “.

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Following the month of October on Dancing With the Stars, Selma could not continue dancing because she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) that year.

The “Legally Blonde” star told Sasha, “You know I’ve been monitored and in touch with my doctors this entire process. “.

I had these MRIs, and when the results came back, it all added up to the fact that I had to withdraw from the competition. I exerted as much pressure on myself as I could.