When buying anything used, you can always be sure what you’re getting, but as we all know, Goodwill is one of the finest places to hunt for high-quality products at reasonable costs.

This incident, where a local shopper purchased far more than expected, illustrates this.
Sarah Thomas, a resale industry professional, frequents local thrift stores to stock her online apparel business.


She understood how to get a good deal, so when she found a trendy Petunia Pickle bag for $3, she snatched it up.
But this story goes beyond the advantages of obtaining a bargain at Goodwill. When Sarah got the luggage home, she discovered it was cumbersome.

The store vendor told KTVL in her hometown that she saw “something bouncing about in there.”

When Sarah examined the internal lining more closely, she noticed a small hole. She ripped it open and discovered the main suspect inside. Given that we are talking about a diaper bag, we know that this story’s ending may be a little nasty. What she uncovered, however, was far more incredible than used baby wipes.
The bag included a blue digital camera with a full memory card.


Sarah, being the thoughtful person she is, decided to track out the owner of the camera and diaper bag. It would have been impossible to find this person if the story had been published ten years earlier; nevertheless, thanks to the Internet’s wonders, she could do it in less than an hour.

You read that correctly, one hour! Sarah is not a private investigator; all she did was download a few pictures from the memory card to her computer and post them on Facebook with the caption: “I bought a baby bag at a Goodwill store, and inside was a blue Sony Cybershot camera with pics. “I’m not sure if I should bring this up here.”
“Does anyone know who this family or the persons in these photos are? “I want to ensure they have their camera and, more than likely, their SD card.” Following the post’s publication, someone who recognised the owner, Katie Connor, from the photographs referred Sarah to her. What a performance! You go, girl!

What do you think about Sarah’s noble act? What would you say if you were in her situation? Have you ever discovered a hidden gem at Goodwill?