Fred Trump bequeathed substantial wealth to his son, Donald Trump.

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Fred Trump was an excellent service to his community and constructed many houses for people who needed them but needed more money. On the other hand, Fred had a secret that he saw as critical to his success. Although it is widely assumed that Donald did not have to work very hard for what he has, he did collaborate with his son, Eric, to grow the Trump Organization, which now encompasses hotels, casinos, and golf resorts.

When Fred Trump started in real estate, he focused on creating middle-class homes.

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Fred Trump was born in 1905, and his parents were German immigrants. Unfortunately, Fred’s father died when he was only 11 years old, forcing him to work to support his family. Still, he recognised that he was passionate about building and wanted to pursue a career in this field.

Fred built a garage for his neighbour when he was 16 years old and thoroughly loved the experience. Later, he took construction training and made his first one-family home in 1924. In the years that followed, he created numerous mansions in Queens, but his mother took the money because he was under 21. Fred stated that he was asking $7,500 for a house at the time.

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Fred started building garages and formed E. Trump & Son with his mother.

Fred didn’t forget about his family, so he assisted his brother, John, in finishing college and even earning a PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. However, the two didn’t work together because they had opposing opinions on construction.

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With the advent of World War II, Fred began constructing barracks and apartments for the Navy. He began to lie about his roots because he was scared that his firm would suffer as a result of his German parents. He stated that his ancestors were from Sweden. He also denied speaking German and did not teach it to his children.

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Donald Trump also maintained his falsehood about his family’s origins. Donald claimed in his book that his ancestor immigrated to America from Sweden, but in 1999 he revealed that he came from Germany.

Fred began building houses and apartments in 1949, but things took off in the 1960s.

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At this point, Fred had already met the love of his life, Mary Anne MacLeod. They had a total of five children. Donald Trump was the fourth of four children.

Fred desired all of his children to become active in the family business. Every summer, Donald, Fred Jr., and Robert assisted their father. Robert and Donald were very enthusiastic about their father’s job.

Donald mentioned in 1999 that his father was his inspiration. Fred taught his children that life is complex, and despite their wealth, Fred disliked spending money and attempted to save costs as much as possible.

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It was becoming evident that Donald would look after his family’s heritage. He worked alongside his father and started taking risks by joining the Manhattan market. Because Fred was impressed with Donald’s accomplishment, he decided to allow him as much freedom as possible.

Fred Trump became one of the largest and wealthiest postwar builders, while Donald Trump expanded his father’s empire.

Fred’s health deteriorated after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1990, and he died on June 25, 1999.