As one of the most well-known musicians in the world, Garth Brooks. He has said that his late mother, Colleen Carroll, is the person he misses the most because of the special place she holds in his heart, despite the fact that he could work with many talented musicians. His mother’s singing career, which included a recording contract with Capitol Records in the 1950s, served as an inspiration for Brooks’ musical endeavors. Even though she passed away from cancer in 1999, according to her son, if he could only sing with one person, it would be her. “I merely desired one more opportunity to see her. It would be amazing if I could hear her voice, smell her, and hug her. Brooks said these things in New Jersey at a press conference.

Garth Brooks’s grief tears

The country superstar’s 2014 album Man Against Machine featured the moving single “Mom,” a heartfelt ode to his mother.

In the song, God and a child in the womb are having a conversation. On Good Morning America in 2014, Brooks’ emotional performance of the song brought the audience to tears. It is expected of you that they remain by your side throughout the remainder of your life. And as a parent myself, I have no doubt that your kids won’t think that about you until after you’re gone. In a conversation with Linda G., Brooks made the following claim. on Connecticut’s Kicks 105.5 in Danbury.

“I think it’s your duty as a parent to make sure your kid eats healthy food. Keep sharing your knowledge with them while they are still paying attention so they can navigate life more successfully than you did and avoid mistakes as a result of some form of advice you gave them. “.