Growing up with the presence of your parents can provide a sense of safety and security in your childhood. However, for some individuals, this is not the case. Xueli Abbing is one such person who was forced to grow up without the presence of her parents.

Born in China, Xueli was abandoned at birth by her parents, leaving her at the door of an orphanage with no knowledge of her parents’ identity.

This lack of parental presence can lead to feelings of resentment and abandonment in a child. Xueli, however, found solace in the name given to her by the staff at the orphanage. The name Xueli means snow and beautiful, reflecting her unique condition of albinism.

Despite the difficult circumstances of her birth, Xueli has found a sense of identity and beauty in her name.

Xueli’s story is a reminder that every individual’s journey is unique and that we all have the ability to find beauty and meaning in our lives, regardless of the circumstances. It is important to remember that no matter the situation, there is always hope for a brighter future.

Albinism is a genetic condition that leads to reduced pigment melanin in a person, resulting in pale skin, hair, and eyes. Xueli Abbing, a young woman from China, was born with albinism and was abandoned at birth. However, she was eventually adopted by a loving family in the Netherlands.

When Xueli was 11 years old, a designer in Hong Kong reached out to her and asked her to model for a campaign. The campaign was named “perfect imperfections” and aimed to showcase various forms of beauty.

Xueli was thrilled to be a part of the fashion show in Hong Kong and said in an interview to the BBC, “That was an amazing experience.”

Unfortunately, people with albinism often face discrimination and even violence in various parts of the world. In some instances, they are even hunted because of the false belief that their bones have medicinal properties.

Xueli recognizes her privilege in only having been abandoned and not facing more severe discrimination. She also expresses sadness when she sees models with albinism being used as props to depict angels or ghosts.

Xueli Abbing’s modeling career took a positive turn when she had the opportunity to work with a photographer from London who treated her with respect and professionalism.

The result was a beautiful photoshoot, and one of the images was even featured in Vogue Italia’s June 2019 issue. Although she was unaware of the magazine’s significance at the time, she now recognizes the impact it had on her career.

Being a model comes with its own set of challenges for Abbing, as she has 8-10% vision, and camera flashes are painful for her. Despite these hurdles, she is determined to represent people like her who are not conventionally beautiful and to make a difference in the world by educating people about her condition.

In an interview, Abbing said, “There are still models who are like eight foot two and skinny but now people with disabilities or differences are featured more in the media and this is great – but it should be normal.” She also emphasizes the importance of focusing on people’s inner beauty, as she cannot always see everything properly.

She hopes to use her platform to talk about albinism, emphasizing that it is a genetic disorder and not a curse. She also stresses the importance of referring to people with albinism as “a person with albinism” instead of “an albino,” as the latter implies that it defines their entire identity.

With a determined spirit, Xueli Abbing, a 16-year-old model with albinism, is determined to change the world, refusing to accept that children are being murdered because of their albinism. And we believe her journey will inspire and educate thousands of people around the world.

In conclusion

Xueli Abbing’s story highlights the challenges and discrimination faced by individuals with albinism, but also showcases her determination to use her platform as a model to educate and change the world.

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