We anticipate this tale each year because it has a lovely moral. Holidays are best enjoyed with the people you care about.

Jamal Hinton and Wanda Dench will spend Thanksgiving together for the seventh time.

Hinton posted the joyful information and a fresh image of the two on Instagram.

A text message informing her grandson of their Thanksgiving plans was sent by Wanda Dench seven years ago by error. But instead of texting her grandson, she inadvertently texted Jamal Hinton, who was 17 years old.


Hinton asked, “who is this?” because he was in class when he received the text.

Dench responded that his grandmother texted the incorrect number without realizing it.

To his surprise, his grandma did not agree to take a selfie with him when he asked!

When she made a mistake, he sent her a photo to show her what had happened. He asked if he could “still get a plate though?”.

“You can, of course. Grandmas feed everyone; that’s what they do, she retorted.

The word of their experience spread quickly.

For the following six years, thousands eagerly anticipated eating their annual Thanksgiving dinner at Dench’s house in Mesa, Arizona.

They began seeing each other more frequently throughout the year as their friendship grew.

But in 2020, everything was different.

COVID was identified in both Dench and her husband, Lonnie. Pneumonia forced Lonnie to stay in the hospital.

2020 April saw his passing.

They figured out a secure way to observe Thanksgiving that year. They positioned a picture of him and a candle at the head of the table, even though they all physically missed Lonnie.

Despite not having her husband with her for the first time in 42 years, Dench said that the Thanksgiving was “reminiscing about past Thanksgivings” and was “really, really good.”.

They were once total strangers, but now they play a big part in each other’s lives. Dench prefers to talk on the phone, but the two frequently text each other. Hinton even accompanied Dench to get her very first tattoo.

Hinton, now 23 years old, and Dench, 65, revealed in December 2021 that Netflix was producing a film based on their touching tale.

Even though the text she sent in 2016 was a mistake, Dench has no remorse. She thinks that “fate intervened. “.

He has significantly altered my life, and I know that. “.

The friendship Wanda and Jamal developed due to an unintentional text is one of the many beautiful things about their love story. Every year, I anticipate their updates.

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