Being present for a loved one’s birthday is always a joyous occasion. But when a grandparent’s birthday is especially significant, it is even more special.

Preserving the knowledge of our elders’ experiences and tales is crucial. And this Oregonian grandmother has some fantastic memories that everyone should hear!

With her family and friends present, Marianne Tormey celebrated her 100th birthday. Despite being from Minnesota, where she was born, she lived in Oregon for the last 71 years!

She was raised in a large family with five sisters and four brothers. The family ran a productive farm where they lived in peace. Marianna was a first-grade student who could only speak German at home. She later persuaded her parents to allow her to finish high school.


As the only member of her family to complete high school, she had been an outlier. She had to walk over a mile to school every day, and for the last two years of school, she lived with her sister to make it easier to get to and from school.


A class of 30 students graduated with her in 1940. She was raised in a farmhouse without even indoor plumbing. Even in the bitterly cold winters of Minnesota, the family utilised an outhouse on their property!

The family would have danced on the farm, which Tormey’s father called “square dances,” to make things more lively. They survived the Great Depression on the same farm. ‘.

She even recalls the family visiting other family members who lived nearby with their horse and buggy. She remembers the first car she ever owned, a Model T with canvas curtains in place of windows and no gas pedal on the floorboard, just a lever next to the steering wheel.

1951 saw her relocate to Oregon. She had four daughters after getting married. She worked for lifelong clients as an independent house cleaner. She also contributed her time to the community’s Meals on Wheels program.


Marianna Tormey still enjoys a variety of hobbies, including gardening, reading, crossword puzzles, and card games. Her family claims that despite being 100 years old, Marianna Tormey’s memory is incredibly sharp. Tormey now has great-grandchildren and loves to spend time with her family, which includes her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Join us in wishing Marianne Tormey, who has lived a fascinating life and witnessed significant change in this nation, a pleased 100th birthday!

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