In the iconic US comedy Friends, Matt played the ladies’ man Joey Tribbiani. The 55-year-old actor appeared to have changed significantly since his time on Friends. Matt was seen walking around in blue pants and a gray T-shirt with the Ford logo.

The Show star had a disappointed look on his face as he dragged a Ralphs shopping bag to his car. Matt has kept a low profile ever since he and TV producer Aurora Mulligan got divorced.

He recently called it quits on his nearly six-year relationship with his British partner.

He used to be one of our favorite actors

According to recent reports, the former Top Gear host and Aurora, who also contributes to the show, are no longer together. According to reports, the two are still very much in love and are maintaining their friendship.

The two began dating after Matt replaced Jeremy Clarkson in 2016 and became the program’s first host from a country other than the UK. Later, they were spotted holding hands in public and appeared to be “besotted.”. The two lovers’ feelings are still strong despite their breakup.

The two made their debut at a New York film festival in 2017, and they later attended the UK premiere of the 25th season of Top Gear.

He used to be one of our favorite actors

Matt and Aurora refer to each other as “honey” on social media and seem to enjoy their relationship despite not being married.

While Aurora talked about how happy she was to have found a good person, Matt made fun of the fact that he was an “old geezer.”.

Matt and Aurora’s relationship, according to a source, is over. Now, it’s done.

In 2019, Matt relocated to Los Angeles and kept a low profile. He once dated the well-known actress Andrea Anders.

He used to be one of our favorite actors

Despite their significant age differences, Matt and Aurora had a close relationship and made a great match. When Matt announced he was quitting Top Gear to pursue other interests, it was difficult for them to accept.

In the UK, Aurora continued working. It took Matt a while to get around. He now stays in Los Angeles for the majority of the time. Matt had a track record of failing in love.

In Hawaii, the actor wed Melissa McKnight, a fashion model, in 2003. The couple later had Marina, who is now 18 years old. Doctors identified Marina’s rare brain disease when she was eight months old. She made a full recovery, thankfully, with the right treatment.

The marriage between the two did not fare well because of the actor’s propensity to womanize.

He used to be one of our favorite actors

Later, Matt claimed that his 2005 encounter with Canadian lap-dancer Stephanie Stephens was a factor in the dissolution of his three-year marriage.

Matt said that the dancer was equally to blame and that a strip club was not the right place for a family man. She was squeezing her breasts in his face, grabbing his hands, and holding her entire body.

She asked me to touch her, and I wasn’t sure what to do. “.