Marla McCants is among the most well-known ‘My 600-lb Life’ participants. She weighed more than 800 pounds at the time, and her life was in grave danger. So far, she has lost over 500 pounds and looks fantastic! It is challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle because cooking can take a long time and is sometimes prohibitively expensive.

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Fast food may appear inexpensive and convenient, but when taken daily, it only hurts the body, often severely.

Many people with incredible tales teach us that it is possible to modify our lifestyle and achieve our ideal weight and health. Marla McCants, who weighed over 800 pounds, is one such example. Fortunately, she could drop weight and become healthier with the assistance of Dr Now.

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Marla McCants’ condition was critical, and Dr Now felt she was one of the patients he could no longer cure, but happily, Marla seemed motivated to improve her life.

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Marla was one of Dr Now’s most challenging patients since things became problematic after her gastric bypass surgery. Marla spent a significant amount of time in the hospital, and it appeared that she was unable or unwilling to participate in recuperating as quickly as possible and begin the trip towards her new life.

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According to Dr Now, some patients cannot maintain weight after surgery. He also stated that he is interested in helping each patient to convince him that change is necessary and that his efforts thus far have been worthwhile.

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Although Marla had been dismissed, and it appeared that nothing would happen next, her daughter Sierra persuaded her to reconsider. Marla pleaded with Dr Now to give her another opportunity. Marla eventually weighed 534 pounds and underwent skin removal surgery. However, she had not lost enough weight because she did not adhere to the diet and did not participate in athletics. Marla is still unable to stand one year after her bypass operation.

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Marla stated that she felt a strong desire to eat fried chicken. Sierra continued to assist her with everything she required, but her daughter wanted her mother to be independent of her.

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Marla said in a YouTube interview with Rickey Smiley that the show’s production misused the photographs and did not reflect the truth. She claimed that the production used pictures from a month after surgery, saying that it had been one year since surgery.

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Marla’s life has changed drastically since then. Marla came on Sister Circle in 2019 and claimed that she lost 580 pounds and never wanted to regain her previous weight. Marla also advises everyone to attempt to conquer their food addiction because everything is possible, and their life will undoubtedly improve.

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