Tiger Woods is a great athlete who has consistently been recognised for his tenacity and will to win.

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In addition to golf, he attempted to serve others around him, so he formed The Tiger Woods Foundation, which provides education to youngsters worldwide. Although Tiger has many positive attributes, some people dislike him. Most people dislike him as a result of the infidelity incident in 2009.

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The National Enquirer revealed that Tiger cheated on his wife, Elin Nordegren, with at least 18 women. Tiger departed the family home just days after the item emerged in the press.
No one could understand Tiger’s actions because he appeared to have a perfect life: a gorgeous wife, beautiful and healthy children, a promising career, and a growing income.

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Tiger and Elin first met in 2001. He had wanted to meet her for a long time, but she was already in a relationship. Elin worked as a babysitter for Jesper Parnevik’s children, who finally introduced them. She was first uninterested in Tiger, but the two fell in love and became engaged in 2003, then married a year later. The wedding was held in secret.
Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel are the couple’s two children. Then came the article regarding Tiger’s infidelity. Tiger disappointed Parnevik, who introduced them, and claimed he thought he was a finer man than that.

Tiger opted to take a sabbatical from golf to spend more time with his family, but the marriage was already over, and the two divorced in 2010. Elin won nearly $100 million in the divorce settlement and purchased a home in Florida, where she still resides with her children.

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Tiger Woods stated that he now has an excellent connection with his ex-wife and that they remain friends for the sake of their children.

Elin also stated that her relationship with Tiger is restricted to children and that everything is going great.

Elin earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and was one of the college’s commencement speakers. She was overjoyed that she was able to deliver the speech, especially because she had been chastised for not saying enough.

After their divorce, Elin had a relationship with Chris Clin, a wealthy American entrepreneur and philanthropist, but he died in an accident.

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Elin revealed her pregnancy with former NFL player Jordan Cameron in June 2019. Their son was born in October 2019.