Everyone is probably aware of the Oscar incident involving Will Smith. Everyone who has heard about this has weighed in on Will’s reaction, including his co-stars. Jim Carrey disagreed with Will’s response and was not afraid to convict him.

If you recall, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on the Oscar stage after Chris made a joke about his wife.

“I was furious. “He shouldn’t have been dragged out of the room,” Jim Carrey stated.

Jim Carrey also expressed confusion over why the audience cheered Will Smith after he won the Academy Award for Best Actor.

You will have to think twice before stepping on stage because the photographs are always available online and cannot be removed. Will’s reputation has also been ruined due to this act of violence. Many individuals believe Will should face criminal charges for what he did.

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Will had to recognise that millions of people worldwide would view those photographs. Therefore, according to Jim Carrey, he had to consider them before acting. “That smack seemed to come out of nowhere because something was troubling Will at the time,” Jim Carrey explained. I can only wish them luck. I have nothing against Will Smith. He accomplished much, but it was not a joyous time for him. It ruined everyone’s lovely evening that evening. To be sure, it was a selfish moment.”

Chris Rock handled the situation quite nicely. He laughed instantly after being hit by Will Smith and attempted to soothe the actor so he could exit the stage calmly.

After a while, Chris discussed the situation and stated that he was still trying to figure out what happened and would not make any additional statements.

Chris will certainly be able to laugh about what occurred at the Oscars and even have some jokes ready for his programmes about it at some point, but for now, he needs time to accept what happened and move on.

Smith won his first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in King Richard for depicting Serena and Venus Williams’ father.

Will later officially apologised to the American Film Academy and Chris Rock a few days after the Oscars, and he has not been active on social media since March.

Will frequently blogged up to the Oscars, but he has not written anything recently, indicating that the actor has not fully recovered from what he did and needs time before returning to the public eye.