Wedding rings can be engraved with anything from a declaration of love to the date the couple exchanged vows, but one woman chose a humorous warning that is much more practical.

Five years ago, Amanda Tallman, 29, and Dan, 30, of Lake Orion, Michigan, married. Amanda had Dan’s wedding band specially engraved.

The ring’s clever engraving had delighted the couple for many years. Nevertheless, this week, Dan’s friend and groomsman Jordan Goddard posted an older picture of the inscription on Imgur, sparking an internet sensation.

Jordan continued, “This was engraved into his wedding band by my best friend’s wife. This is just a taste of her comedic prowess; the pair is fantastic and entertaining.
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Fans of the humorous message will be happy to learn that Dan and Amanda are a happily married couple with three kids. More than 880,000 people have seen the image of the words engraved inside Dan’s ring.

Dan claimed that on Wednesday morning, he got a text message informing him that a picture of his ring was going viral.

“I didn’t know he posted it. Although I was shocked, I thought it was pretty awesome,” he said.

He claimed that the entire incident “describes my friendships and relationship with my wife. It makes perfect sense for Amanda to have put that in my ring, and Jordan would undoubtedly be the one to make it go viral if it ever did.

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Dan claimed that when he and Amanda purchased the ring from GandH Jewelry in California, Maryland, they had no idea what the inscription would read.

The employee received a message from Amanda. He acknowledged, “I didn’t consider it.”. When I put the ring on to see how it fit, I saw the ring for the first time. The entire store was giggling, and I joined in. “.

After considering it, I concluded that it made sense because of Amanda’s personality. “Affection, wit, and laughter characterize our relationship. Both before and after our marriage, we had a wonderful relationship. “.

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Dan says he only removes his ring when working on their cars or around the house, even though he hardly ever does. Amanda lost her wedding band around Christmas for a month before finding it, even though it is unengraved.

She was the target of the running joke. Dan said, “All of our friends said she put it on the wrong ring. We found her ring, and everything went smoothly. “.

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Dan said, “I’m lucky to have such a lovely wife, a beautiful family, and the best friends anyone could have. “We frequently say that we are living the dream, and this is just a tiny aspect of that dream. “.