Like other girls her age, Zoey Catherine Daggett liked playing as a child.

On the other hand, Zoey tragically died two years ago after a two-year battle with cancer.

Her parents, who are mourning their beautiful daughter, received support from all over the world after uploading photographs of her final moments on Facebook.

mom and dad of child

Zoey was only three years old when she was diagnosed with cancer.

She was full of life and frequently on the go before the sickness took hold, just like other youngsters. She was raised in a loving home. She was sweet, amusing, and enthusiastic.

cute child

But everything changed abruptly in July 2016. The young girl from Fairport, New York, was hurt while playing in the park. Her parents, Caseby and Ben, took her to the doctor because their daughter limped. They expected an ankle fracture at most, but the X-ray revealed nothing.

According to CBS8, she lost control of both hands a few weeks later.

When they arrived, they heard something that would stick with them for the rest of their lives and leave a message they will never forget. The doctor informed them that their cherished baby daughter, who was so full of life and love, had DIPG, a rare and dangerous brain tumour.

child at home

Unfortunately, the survival rate for DIPG remains relatively poor. This tumour presently has no treatment. Following a diagnosis, children are often given 6 to 18 months to survive.

Her mother boldly decided to share the family’s dying moments on Facebook.

“Even though it is a terrible time, it is a lovely moment in our opinion,” Casey said.

Parents can be seen holding their cherished daughter. They had sat on the couch with the household dog.

They had spent the entire day singing Disney songs. A Harry Potter film was shown on television. Zoey vanished without a trace amid the serenity and peace. Zoey’s heart stops beating about halfway through the film.

sorrow family

Cancer is the worst thing I can think of, particularly regarding children.

The moral of Zoey’s narrative is to live each day as if it were the last, to love without regard for the future.

May peace be with you, Zoey.