Mandel talked about his battles with mental illness on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”. He acknowledged that being famous didn’t improve his mental health; on the contrary, it made things worse.

He sometimes appears happy from the outside, but when he’s at home, especially by himself, he said that’s not the case.

This shocked Kelly Clarkson when she heard it. Mandel then admitted, “I’m heavily medicated. Clarkson found it difficult to understand why someone would disparage her.

Howie Mandel opens up on his condition

Howard Stern has battled OCD and anxiety since he was a young child. He has claimed that he has experienced these conditions for almost his entire life.

He was referred to as “strange” because he had no classmates to make friends with when he was younger. Even though he thinks he’s paid to be eccentric, he now realizes that every day is difficult. Stern serves as a judge on the America’s Got Talent judging panel.

Mandel tries to center himself while claiming to be having a nightmare. He is a happy man who loves his job and has a lovely family, but he can also fall into a deep depression from which he cannot recover.

Howie Mandel opens up on his condition

He always has the thought, “We could die,” running through his head, so he shared a lot of anxiety during the COVID-19 epidemic. The fact that everyone nearby was safe, however, would give him comfort. However, [during the pandemic], the state of the world as a whole was terrible.

Mandel kept the public in the dark about his illnesses until 2006. He was embarrassed and worried that if his instability was discovered, he wouldn’t be able to find work.

Mandel’s initial worry was that he had let his family down, but he eventually realized that if it was determined that he wasn’t stable, he might lose his job.

The comedian Howie Mandel has long battled serious depression. Mandel admits that, despite the fact that he still goes through difficult times, the general public might not fully comprehend the severity of his depression.

He uses comedy, like other comedians, to cope with his disability. He believes that comedy saved him, and he is most at ease on stage.

Howie Mandel opens up on his condition

According to Mandel, he is now being open about his struggles with mental illness because he wants to eradicate the stigma.

Even though he knows it won’t be easy to get through this, he has faith that he will manage to cherish the times when his life is not overcast with gloom.

Mandel is aware that some individuals find his struggles with mental illness amusing, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t awful for him.

He is confident that, despite his challenges, he can eliminate the stigma attached to mental health problems. He wants to maintain his mental health, but he knows it won’t be easy.