David and Kate had been trying for a baby for three years when a miracle happened: Kate learned she was pregnant with twins.

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Fortunately, the pregnancy went off without a hitch.

When Kate went into labour, though, something odd happened.

Her two gorgeous daughters, Jamie and Emily, were born two minutes later.

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Despite their best attempts, the doctor informed them that Jamie did not survive. However, the parents were shocked and refused to accept this. To keep their son warm, Kate and David wrapped their arms around him. They couldn’t believe that doctors couldn’t help their babies. Kate made a decision and directed her husband to rescue the baby. There were around 20 people in the room concerned about what was happening.

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What followed was nothing short of incredible! Jamie began to stir, and his breathing got faster after reaching his mother’s arms, showing that he was battling for his life despite having only recently been born. The doctors were taken aback, but they soon united and took action to help the family. Parents and doctors worked together to save Jamie, and they were successful!

Jamie, at seven years old, is a well-liked and content child. He enjoys telling his friends that he died long ago and was resurrected. His new friends are interested in learning what happened!

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Jamie’s mother reported that the doctor advised her that Jamie would not survive, but she noticed her baby struggling to breathe and decided to warm him up in her arms. He was pretty cold, and she reasoned that warming him up would benefit her child. She also stated that she and her husband had been trying to have a baby for years so that she couldn’t abandon Jamie so lightly.

Jamie and her husband removed their T-shirts to stay warm.

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Kate recognises that doctors may have thought she was insane because they believed there was no hope and the baby had died. On the other hand, Kate made the best decision she had ever made!

Kate mentioned seeing her son take a deep breath at one point. When they realised there was a high chance he’d recover, Jamie opened his eyes and started breathing again. The parents are ecstatic that they chose to believe and hope in their instincts.


The twins learned about this story when they were five years old, and Emily burst into tears when she realised how much her brother had to undergo. Since then, the twins have become much closer, frequently play together, and are thrilled to have each other for the rest of their lives!

This family story tells us to trust our intuition and do the right thing. We may not always succeed, but striving is preferable to be disappointed that we could have done more in a particular situation.