The best thing Desi Arnaz ever did, according to his children, especially his daughter Lucie, was get sober, despite the fact that he was an accomplished entertainer. Even though it came toward the end of his life, sobriety was a triumph.

The daughter of Desi and Lucille Balle, Lucie Arnaz, explained how the Cuban-American accomplished such a difficult task.

‘I Love Lucy’ star Desi Arnaz got sober a year before his death with help from his son

Metronome/Getty Images In a documentary that will debut on Amazon Prime Video, I Love Lucy star Lucy, now 70, discussed her parents and their relationship.

Stories about how Desi’s drinking affected his relationships, particularly his marriage to Lucy, are presented in the documentary, which makes use of archival footage and recordings. According to Desilu: The Story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Ball declared that Desi “was like Jekyll and Hyde.”. He went out with other women, gambled, and consumed alcohol. Alcohol and women were always the same. I anticipated it. I had a persistent wish for things to alter. But Desi is a destructive person. “Twenty years after they were wed, the couple — who at the time had two kids — ultimately divorced in 1960.
Arnaz, according to Ball, subjected her to “extreme cruelty” and “grievous mental suffering.”.”.

‘I Love Lucy’ star Desi Arnaz got sober a year before his death with help from his son

After their divorce, both of them got remarried. Desi married Edith Hirsch, who many referred to as “Lucy 2,” while Ball married Gary Morton, who drank less than Desi. However, Desi still had demons to face as they each began new lives with new partners. He continued to drink. For a very, very long time, he resisted enrolling in any program, including AA. He detested the idea that we shouldn’t air our dirty laundry in front of others. But after his wife Edy passed away, he finally did,” Lucie told People. To conclude, Desi Jr. Desi and Lucille’s son persuaded his father to seek assistance.

“He was just so upset when I believe my brother persuaded him, ‘Come on, Dad. You are capable of doing this. “And he carried it out.”. He put the drink down. ”.

‘I Love Lucy’ star Desi Arnaz got sober a year before his death with help from his son

I was standing next to him when he got up and announced, “My name is Desi and I’m an alcoholic. “Listening to him do that while sitting next to him was the proudest moment of my life,” recalls Lucie. “I don’t give a damn what you do after this, it was like. The wisest move you’ve ever made was what you did. It was difficult for him, so I understand. Everyone finds it difficult, but for him in particular, it was very difficult. Unfortunately, Desi found out he had lung cancer soon after starting his sober lifestyle, and he passed away on December 2, 1986. “He had to overcome a significant obstacle to do that, and I was very proud of him. That requires a tremendous amount of bravery. ”.

It’s unfortunate that Desi passed away soon after starting his road to recovery, but I didn’t know this about Desi. I’m glad he finally got sober. Any fans of Desi Arnaz you know should be told about this.