“I’m gathering my thoughts while seated in the Kroger parking lot. I saw a young girl dancing loudly down the aisle while I was inside gathering groceries. “.

“When I turned to look, I saw a young woman with enormous boots on her small frame. I initially just laughed and carried on with my day. However, I found myself in line with her and her mother at the register. “.

“We started a conversation because that’s what good Southerners do. “.

“I complimented the girl on her shoes. With a big grin. She began speaking. “.

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“She said those boots belonged to her father, according to her. He was killed in “Afghan Stan” last year on his birthday, which is today. To lift her spirits for the day, she was permitted to put on his boots. “.

The cashier and I both started crying, just like her mother had. “.

“It’s likely that the man in front of me overheard the tale and decided to give the young girl one of the dozen cupcakes he was purchasing. On the day of her father’s birthday, he urged the young girl to always eat a cupcake. “.

He told her to be proud of being her father’s daughter because he was a hero. “Please keep in mind the reasons we can enjoy Americaremember in mind those who battle for the freedom we frequently take for granted.