Having retired from rugby in 2014, Mike Tindall, Zara Tindall’s husband, is 43 years old. But before retiring, he suffered a series of terrible wounds, one of which put his life in danger.

The former athlete and I’m a Celebrity contestant spent his entire playing career with the Bath and Gloucester rugby teams. In a 2008 Six Nations match against Wales, he injured himself while participating.

He dislocated a rib in a tackle, punctured his lung, tore his liver, and punctured a lung.

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Following the incident, Mike spent three nights in a hospital’s intensive care unit. He later stated, “If the boot had hit me an inch higher or lower, I would have only broken a few ribs as opposed to all of them. “.

The player said, “That is not nice, and I would have missed a few weeks of rugby, but in light of what happened instead.”. It was even worse what occurred. “.

He admitted that the studs of his opponent’s boot pierced his liver and struck him in the sternum and diaphragm.

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“At first, I believed I had only hurt my ribs slightly. At least a few of them were broken, which was the first thing that came to mind. I was mostly worried about why I was having such a hard time breathing,” Mike reflected.

He continued, I didn’t realise how serious the situation was at the time. “I didn’t realise how bad my health was. My liver experienced a significant tear that was discovered. Its length was almost an inch, and its depth was also about an inch.

The most significant cause of my anxiety was internal bleeding. I lost two pints of blood through my membrane; if more had leaked and mixed with the contents of my stomach, I would have been seriously hurt. “.

After some time, Mike was able to recover from his injury fully. He supported his then-girlfriend Zara as she prepared for a Portugal competition.