A child named Inar was born in the Turkish city of Ankara toward the end of 2015.

The nurses couldn’t stop taking pictures with the little boy, who became an instant celebrity in the delivery room.

Little Inar had a strange birthmark on his brow; why was that?

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Every child is a miracle in and of itself; each is unique.

On the other hand, the “loving baby” is a remarkable young child.

Murat Engin, 30, and Ceyda, 28, were shocked to see their newborn son’s heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead.

Millions of people worldwide paid attention to the adorable baby when he was born in 2015.

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His parents were surprised and in tears when he was born.

“After a nurse cleaned the blood from his skull, I was the first to notice the birthmark on his head. Murat, the boy’s father, says, “I couldn’t control my tears.

The young boy was dubbed a “love baby” by the nurses, and he attracted love and admiration from people worldwide, becoming a viral sensation.

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The parents claimed that many passersby posed for pictures with their son while they were on the street.

“When we walk around, everyone smiles and adores him. All of our friends are curious about him because of the heart shape of his birthmark. According to Murat, “They believe he is a love baby.”.

Inar’s family sees his birthmark as a “gift from God” and has always told him to value what makes him unique.

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“The staff and doctors recognize him and call him “Heartened Boy” when we visit the hospital for checkups. His fan base is already sizable. “.

Furthermore, Inar seems to have a sizable fan base of admirers and supporters who want to emulate him. For people to follow Inar’s daily activities, his parents set up an Instagram account.

He’s seven years old now and still as endearing as ever!

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