The tragedy at Allen Premium Outlets in Texas claimed the lives of eight people while injuring a great number more. More information about the victims emerges as the ashes from the weekend incident settle.

Continue reading to learn more about the eight victims of this terrible act of violence.

The Cho family went to Allen Premium Outlets to return some clothing that their 6-year-old son William had received four days prior to his birthday. When the shooter began firing, the family was headed to the HandM store. William, age 6, and James, age 3, made up the family of four, along with parents Cindy and Kyu Cho. Only William, who is still in the ICU, survived the assault.

Information on the victims of the mass shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets

They were two young men who attended Prestonwood Christian Academy. What a wonderful family, said Dr. Jack Graham, the senior pastor of the church. One child is left behind while the other three are in heaven. ”.

The names of the two girls who died in the incident have also been confirmed by Wylie ISD. Sofia Mendoza, 8, and Daniela Mendoza, 11, attended Sachse’s Cox Elementary.

The two kids were described as “rays of sunshine” by Cox Elementary Principal Krista Wilson. ”.

Daniela and Sofia were the kindest, most considerate students, according to Wilson, and they had smiles that could light up any room. The girl’s mother, Ilda Mendoza, was also shot but is receiving medical care.

The other victim was a young Indian woman named Aishwarya Thatikonda. A representative for the family, Ashok Kolla, confirmed the terrible news. Thatikonda’s roommates expressed worry over her disappearance, and Kolla claimed he spent Sunday looking for her. She had also turned off her cellphone.

After asking around and checking with friends, the police, and hospitals, Kolla tried the Collin County Medical Examiner’s Office but couldn’t locate Thatikonda. She had been to Allen Premium Outlets with a friend. Her friend escaped the attack despite receiving shots as well.

Information on the victims of the mass shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets

The bad news isn’t what we want to hear, but that’s what it is, Kolla said. He tries to get her body back to India so that her family can say their last goodbyes and finish the funeral rites. ”.

The family is still living hundreds of miles away, but Kolla moved here in search of a better dream, she said. For many of our international students, studying in the US is a dream come true because they believe their futures will be bright.

“Painful. He said it’s currently all over the news. It is hurtful. It’s just a matter of counting the days until she comes, right? ”.

The shooting also claimed the life of Christian LaCour, 20. While on duty as a facility guard, the young man was shot and killed. His mother confirmed his death to the media.

The incident’s final victim was 32-year-old Dallas resident Elio Cumana-Rivas.

The terrible shooting left a great number of people dead and injured. We are thinking of and praying for everyone affected by this tragic event.