Do the This Morning hosts actually “barely speak” any longer when they’re off-camera?
It has caused quite a stir that Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, two pillars of British television, are rumored to be at odds.

The hosts of ITV’s This Morning and Dancing On Ice were once said to be close friends, but recent tabloid reports claim that something has caused them to stop talking to one another.
Here’s what we do know at the moment.
How long ago allegedly did Holly and Phil’s argument begin?
An article that was published in The Sun on May 10 claimed that the two anchors “barely speak” off-camera. Unnamed sources who spoke to the newspaper claim that their friendship has “cooled” as a result of disagreements that have “rumbled on for some time.”. ””.

Is There Really A Tension Between Phillip Schofield And Holly Willoughby?

They discussed whether they would continue as co-hosts during this argument. An insider allegedly told the newspaper that if he left, she would want to stay.
The Sun also asserted that Holly had severed ties with Phil following the recent legal dispute involving his pedophile brother.
The sentence for Timothy Schofield, Phil’s brother, who was found guilty of 11 crimes involving children from 2016 to 2019 last month, will be handed down this week.
Phil, who missed This Morning during the trial, criticized his brother and expressed satisfaction with the outcome in a public statement he posted on Instagram, writing: “As far as I am concerned, I no longer have a brother. ”.

On May 11, the MailOnline reported that Holly only found out that Phil’s brother had been accused of having sex with a minor after he had missed the broadcast. Phil allegedly neglected to tell Holly about this.

The source claims that Phil denied these accusations and called them “completely untrue.”.

The allegations have gone unanswered by Holly’s representatives.
Although “neither of us” had it easy over the previous three weeks, Phil acknowledged as much to The Sun on May 11.
Holly is my rock, as I’ve said before.”.

Is There Really A Tension Between Phillip Schofield And Holly Willoughby?

We are the best of friends, and she is constantly a huge help on set, in the background, and on the phone. ”.

Holly has always helped me, both in good and bad times. And I’ve stood by her.”.

We both agree that the past few weeks have not been particularly easy.”.

He continued by saying that his support for Holly “meant the world to me” and that his family had gone through a “real ordeal.”. ”.

In addition, he mentioned that Holly had missed a week of the show following his return due to being “ill with shingles,” but he added that no matter what happens, they can always count on each other.”.

Even though they appeared to be standing next to each other on television, reports from the time claimed Holly was unaware Phillip was going to say such a thing.
Holly was “upset” about the choice, a source told the MailOnline on May 12.
Because of this, there were rumors that the couple might not appear together on Monday’s episode, but they ultimately decided to get back together on the storied sofa.
Over the course of their 14 years as co-hosts of This Morning, the two have dealt with numerous reports regarding purported fallouts and crises, but they have always attempted to dispel them as quickly as they could.
And in October 2020, months after coming out as gay in a live interview with Holly on the show, Phil denied the persistent rumors of their relationship that surfaced at the end of 2019, pointing out that his co-host had been supportive of him during that time as he struggled with his sexuality.
There was nothing said on the How To Wow podcast with Chris Evans that had any sense of reality, he said.
Holly and I have never been in disagreement, and we never will be.

Is There Really A Tension Between Phillip Schofield And Holly Willoughby?

She was keeping me from losing it at work when they were writing “Phillip and Holly and Feud,” and we were closer than we should have been since I had revealed my secret.”.

Holly added that the only way to finish the daily two and a half hours of live television is to work “with a friend” in January 2022.
They were also the focus of a media frenzy in September after it was claimed they “skipped” the 20-hour line to see the Queen’s coffin by pretending to be journalists. They addressed the situation in public at the time in an effort to repair their reputation.
Despite the many rumors about their relationship that circulated over the weekend, the co-hosts of This Morning on Monday avoided mentioning the news.
Further, Holly and Phil will present jointly until the end of July, following which they will each take their customary six-week summer vacation.
Regarding what will happen after September, they are allegedly in talks with ITV.
Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond, the Friday hosts, might play a bigger role in the program, according to some rumors.
Other than earlier assuring The Mirror that Holly and Phil would host Monday’s episode as usual, ITV executives have not yet released any official statements regarding the alleged breakup of the duo or their longer-term future on the program.