Farrah Fawcett, in the words of Jaclyn Smith, “was the girl down the street who cheered me on, the girl who adored her parents.”.

More than ten years after her passing, Farrah Fawcett’s co-star in Charlie’s Angels, Jaclyn Smith, recalls her “brave” and attractive companion.

Smith describes her late co-star’s decision to go public with her cancer battle and start The Farrah Fawcett Foundation to raise money for research and education as “persistent in her struggle.”.

Smith said of Fawcett, who passed away on June 25, 2009, aged 62, “Who would have imagined that this girl known for her smile, hair, and glitz would reveal the depths of her soul to the world.”.

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Smith recalls Fawcett’s initial cancer diagnosis for her that day.

She broke down in tears and lamented, “I always imagined I’d get breast cancer or heart disease, but never this,” Smith remembers. “I didn’t see her cry again after that. “.

Beginning with their co-star in Charlie’s Angels, Kate Jackson, their relationship lasted decades.

Smith, 73, remembers their days on set by saying, “We had each other’s backs.”. “Eating in our trailers with one another resembled a college dorm. We would go shopping on the weekends to buy clothes. For 40 years, we were more than just working actresses; we were also each other’s girlfriends. “.

As for Fawcett’s decision to leave the program in 1977, Smith claims, “We all supported Farrah when she wanted to leave after one season.”. She was adamant in her declaration that she would carry out her plan. ’”.

Farrah wanted to come across as a professional actor. She marched in time with her drum. She returned to Playboy and posed at 50 after being accepted as an actress. Back to being a sex icon after being a serious actress. “The days were never dull. “.

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She remembers the play as having “transformed our lives.”. In some ways, we resembled rock stars. When we went to Hawaii for the season opener, guards were always present. We all carried on with our lives, but Charlie’s Angels greatly impacted who we were and where we ended up”.

Nearing Fawcett’s passing, they were even closer.

During one of their final meetings, Smith relates, “Farrah brought me a German chocolate cake she’d baked.”. Then I found her in my closet. She wanted to try on my shoes despite her legs being swollen from her treatment. She was a reliable friend. “.

On their most recent encounter, Smith paid a visit to Farrah at her residence in Los Angeles. Smith said, “She was in a lot of pain and couldn’t sit still.”. She needed some comfort, so I was massaging her feet. Her mood improved as a result. We must have talked about our lives, our children, and growing up in Texas for three hours. Given how much we valued our friendship, my time with Farrah on our last date was the best”.

As much as she was an eight by ten glossy, Farrah was also my friend who supported me, a youngster who adored her parents, and the girl down the street, she continues.

Smith, who is currently concentrating on several business initiatives, including a new beauty care brand, recalls, “We shared the ups and downs of life, happiness, and despair.

The previous Angel acknowledges, “I miss her every day.”. It’s challenging because a lot of people have recently left. “I miss them, and it’s okay to miss them”.