On season three of “Hacks,” a few departments have put their operations on hold as the celebrity gets better. The recovering Jean Smart urges people to discuss their heart health with their doctors. Jean Smart recently underwent surgery. The Emmy-winning Hacks actress revealed she recently underwent “successful cardiac treatment” in an Instagram post. Because February is American Heart Month, Smart explained, she felt compelled to discuss her own health situation in public.

February is American Heart Month, a time when the nation focuses on heart health, so she wrote that it felt important to let everyone know that she was recovering from a recent, successful cardiac procedure.

“I am fortunate to receive excellent medical care and encouragement from family and friends as I heal. She pleaded with her supporters and readers in a brief statement at the end of her post, which contained no additional information. I’m so glad I went to the doctor, so please listen to your body,” she urged.

Jean Smart Opens Out About Her Recent Heart Procedure

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, several departments in the third season of Hacks have halted production. “We are ecstatic that our beloved Jean Smart’s heart surgery was a success and that she is recovering.

There was no prior information regarding Smart’s health. But in a previous interview with The New Yorker, she opened up about her health in public, including her experience with Type 1 diabetes, even hinting that it was a side effect of that.

My mother insisted that I go to college in Seattle. By the time I was about to graduate from high school, she still hadn’t recovered from the Type 1 diabetes diagnosis she made of me when I was thirteen. Smart attributed her decision to enroll in the “phenomenal theatrical program” at the University of Washington to her mother’s “fear that I would go to school out of state. “I can be grateful for my mother’s diabetes. Smart’s life has been impacted by heart disease before. Her husband of more than 30 years, Richard Gilliland, unexpectedly passed away in 2021 from a cardiac issue.