Jennifer Grey, star of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, opens up in her memoir, Out of the Corner: A Memoir, about the traumatic events surrounding a vehicle accident in Ireland that claimed the lives of two people. In an interview, Grey states that the accident is in her top three traumas of her life, possibly even her top one.

Firstly, Grey describes the unsettling feeling of being alone on a country road in the middle of nowhere, with no one close or aware. This experience led to a slew of additional changes in her life.

Additionally, Grey explains the impact the accident had on her relationship with Matthew Broderick. She reveals that although Broderick had lived, he was comatose, had amnesia, and was gravely damaged. Grey admits that at the time, she thought he was dead and was unaware of the tragic deaths of two more women.

Lastly, Grey emphasizes that the accident had a lasting impact on her, stating that “you just don’t recover the same way from anything like that.” The actress’s honesty and candidness about her traumatic experience serves as a reminder of the lifelong effects of such tragic events.

In an interview with ET, Jennifer Grey, the Friends alum, sets the record straight about the details surrounding a vehicle accident involving her and former partner Matthew Broderick. Grey states that no information about the crash was withheld and emphasizes that Broderick was not at blame, even though he was driving at the time.

She continues by saying, “I wasn’t holding any knowledge that others seem to think I did, since they were seeking for an explanation and there wasn’t one because it was an accident. Nobody was drinking, and [Broderick] was an excellent driver.”

Grey emphasizes that the accident was purely coincidental and a nightmare for her and her family. Additionally, she expresses her continued concern for the Irish family affected by the accident.

Grey and Broderick met while working on the set of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. They kept their relationship a secret during the filming of the 1986 film and were together for 12 years before breaking up in 1988. Broderick went on to marry Sarah Jessica Parker in 1997.

After ending her relationship with Daybreak actor Matthew Broderick, Jennifer Grey was set up on a blind date with Johnny Depp. In her 2022 biography, Grey describes Depp as “ridiculously attractive” but also mentions that he was “very possessive and paranoid.”

The New Yorker actor goes on to share that Depp’s possessiveness manifested in his behavior, saying, “He’d started missing his flights home to LA because he’d overslept,” she said, “or when he did get home, he’d be incredibly envious and worried about what I’d been doing while he was gone.”

However, Grey ultimately decided to end the relationship with Depp, just before her 29th birthday. She recalls this time as a period of “self-imposed streak of reckless, destructive decision-making” on her part.

Depp moved on from Grey to Winona Ryder, who happened to live next door to Grey at the time. Grey describes the experience of feeling replaced by Ryder as “the normal horror of feeling replaced, like you never existed, but on steroids.”

In her memoir and various interviews, Jennifer Grey candidly opens up about the traumatic events and relationships that have shaped her life. From the tragic vehicle accident that claimed the lives of two people, to her complicated relationships with Matthew Broderick and Johnny Depp, Grey provides a raw and honest look into her experiences.

It’s clear that Grey’s past has had a significant impact on her, and she has faced many challenges throughout her life. However, her resilience and willingness to share her story serves as an inspiration to many. If you enjoyed this glimpse into the life of Jennifer Grey and want to stay updated on the latest news and stories, be sure to follow DailyWize for more such updates.