John Goodman is a well-liked and successful actor in Hollywood.

With his breakthrough performance on the venerable sitcom Roseanne and other outstanding films, Goodman has had a remarkable career that is still going strong.

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For Goodman, that great woman is his wife of more than three decades, Anna Beth Hartzog. Of course, every great man has a great woman in his life.

Anna has offered support to Goodman during both happy and unhappy times. She inspired him to quit drinking at a difficult time in his life, leading to him losing a lot of weight.

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In honour of their 33rd wedding anniversary, the couple is currently celebrating.

Goodman first met the woman who would become his wife in New Orleans while filming Everybody’s All-American in 1988. Anna was the actor’s true love after he met her at a Halloween party.

“I attended this Halloween gathering, and she introduced herself. Goodman said to Elle, “I couldn’t understand why anybody that attractive was talking to me.

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However, the two did not start dating immediately because, as Goodman stated on Seth Meyers, his future wife “thought he was a zombie. But the two started dating after he “stalked her long distance.

The two got married and relocated to New Orleans in 1989. Their daughter, Molly Evangeline Goodman, was born in 1990.

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Because of his ground-breaking performance in Roseanne, John Goodman was also establishing a name for himself. He was nominated for five Emmy Awards and awarded a Golden Globe for his performance.

However, Goodman was having issues in the background. The actor’s newfound fame began to wear on him, and he began to drink excessively, including on the popular show’s set.

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He admitted to Today that it had been exciting at first. Things got scary when I lost my anonymity.

“I developed a lack of gratitude and complacency. After nine years—eight years—of the show, I wanted to stop, he declared. Like everything else, I could do it while seated on a bar stool. Things deteriorated as a result, and my speech would have been slurred.

Things hit their lowest point when he missed a rehearsal after drinking with friends and realised he needed assistance.

“Despite continuing to drink, I was still shaking. The Sun reported that he stated, “I had the clarity of thinking that I needed to be admitted.

He recalls how his wife orchestrated his admission to a rehab centre, ultimately saving his life.