A Minnesota family experienced a circumstance that permanently altered their life two years ago. From the neighborhood animal shelter, they adopted Joy, a lovely pit bull.

With the exception of their two children, Emilly and Jonas, he got along well with everyone in the family. They spent the entire day playing, going for walks, and sleeping in the same bed.

One evening, Jonas informed his family that he would take a bath before getting home. In the backyard, the rest of the family stayed. The mother of the child first heard some odd noises.

Joy, the adopted pit bull, did so much for their family!

While climbing the stairs, she heard Joy barking. She entered the house and found the sounds were coming from upstairs. Jonas was lying on the side of the bathtub with his feet hanging over the edge when she entered the bathroom. Joy was pulling on his hair and hands to free him.

Jonas passed out in the bathtub from a heart attack. After sensing something wasn’t right, Joy pushed the bathroom door open and hurried inside to try to pull Jonas out of the water.

When the mother initially noticed Joy pulling on Jonas and him gasping for air, she was terrified. The dog was merely attempting to save his life by preventing him from drowning in the bathtub, she soon realized.

Joy, the adopted pit bull, did so much for their family!

Jonas received the urgent care he required after being taken to the hospital. Joy was instrumental in helping the doctors save Jonas’ life, allowing him to live today.

When asked what would have happened to her son if Joy hadn’t been there, Jonas’ mother said she didn’t want to think about it. Joy was thanked by her, and she promised him that in return, he would get several steaks.

Dogs are known for their love of and devotion to their human companions. This tale serves as a lovely example of how much dogs enjoy spending time with their owners.

There is no denying that having a dog is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We receive joy, friendship, and unwavering love from them. But did you know that dogs can also be the best friends?

Studies show that dogs provide us with essential social and emotional support. They help us feel less lonely, stressed out, and anxious. According to studies, dog owners have lower blood pressure and live longer!

In light of this, if you’re looking for a friend who will be there for you no matter what, your furry friend is your best choice. A dog is undoubtedly a person’s (or a woman’s) best friend.