The dance community was shocked to learn that renowned dance instructor Boss was battling a secret illness. The idea of someone who created such happy environments being forced into such pain made Justin Timberlake, a close friend of Boss for almost two decades, express his sadness.

In particular, during these trying times, he exhorted everyone to watch out for and care for one another. Others thought his remarks to be sincere.

In a colorful tribute to her “forever the world’s dancing dad,” Jojo Siwa, Boss’ co-judge on So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD), wrote on Instagram. She reassured those who were grieving that he would be fondly remembered.

Justin Timberlake heartfelt condolences

Unsurprisingly, those who knew him well were devastated to hear of his passing. He brought cheer and happiness into every space he entered for more than 20 years.

His unmatched energy and enthusiasm for teaching dance routines made him an indispensable member of the dancing community, and it was evident in his work; his choreography was well-known throughout the world as some of the most creative around.

It is difficult to find someone who brings such joy to everyone they meet as he did; Boss’s passing has been a great loss to those closest to him and to anyone who has ever met him.

Thankfully, we still have cherished memories that will never fade; we can indulge in them whenever we are depressed or worried about the future. May the knowledge that your father was adored by everyone who knew him bring comfort to Boss’s family.

“Millions of pieces of my heart have been broken off. Twitch was a fantastic mentor to me and many other members of our SYTYCD family. I’ll never forget how much love and light he brought into my life. “.

He was like a wonderful older brother to me; he never failed to make me laugh and smile no matter what was going on. That is a special and uncommon kind of friendship. Though we will all miss him dearly, we can find comfort in the knowledge that he is now secure in a better location.

Justin Timberlake heartfelt condolences

I send my sincere love and prayers to Twitch’s lovely wife and three kids. It would be wonderful to see him again someday (a joke between us that I will always treasure); we all appreciate his enormous gift, which he shared with us. Dad, don’t worry, things will go on as usual without you. Brother, you have a lot of love. Thank you for your service, Stephen “Twitch” Boss. “.

Cheryl Burke, a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars, posted two pictures of herself with Stephen “tWitch” Boss on Instagram to express her feelings. She expressed her sorrow at his passing and thanked him for “always putting a smile on my face, being so enthusiastic and inspirational” in her post.

She continued by saying that she appreciated his poise and optimism in representing the dancing community as well as his personality for consistently making her smile and bringing her happiness. She wished for his soul to rest in peace and expressed her heartbreak.

Channing Tatum shared a picture of himself with Stephen “tWitch” Boss on Instagram and wrote that he was speechless and that the tragedy was beyond his ability to understand with his mind and heart. He said goodbye to his friend and told him how much he loved him.

In order to express her sorrow over Stephen’s passing, journalist Katie Couric also turned to Instagram. Before expressing how deeply sad it was, she described him as a well-known producer and DJ on the Ellen DeGeneres Show as well as a successful dancer who gained notoriety on So You Think You Can Dance. She also mentioned that he was in his fifties when he committed suicide.