“I have high hopes for him in the future. “All I can hope for is for my children to be happy and healthy in their own skin,” says Kate Hudson of her 18-year-old son Ryder.

Being away at college for the first time has left Kate Hudson missing her oldest child.

Kate Hudson admits to ‘starting crying’ when she thinks of her son Ryder, 18, at college.

Since her 18-year-old son Ryder left for college, the actress, 43, has opened up about her emotions.

It’s challenging even to talk about, she admitted. When I realize he isn’t here, I’ll have a moment where I just start crying. “.

But he’s enjoying himself in the city; he’s all set, she said. I’m so glad about that, too. Regarding his future, I’m fairly upbeat. All I can hope for is for my kids to be happy and healthy. “.

Hudson, who shares Ryder with her ex-husband Chris Robinson, is also the mother of daughter Rani Rose, 4, and son Bingham “Bing,” 11, with her fiancé Danny Fujikawa, who will turn 4 the following month.

The Bride Wars actor went on to describe a touching phone conversation she recently had with Ryder.

She reflected on a time in her own life when anything was possible and said, “He was in such a good place. And when I saw it in him, I was so moved that I almost started crying. “.

The actress nodded in response when Rani Hudson, Hudson’s daughter, asked her if she was crying “happy tears.”.

Before Ryder left for college, he and his brother Bing played music in their garage while their mother snapped pictures of the sweet sibling moment.

Oh, my boys! Hudson wrote, “What more could a mother ask for than boys who simultaneously play rock and are funny.”.