The final performance of the off-Broadway drama The Wanderers by Katie Holmes recently marked a poignant personal milestone.

Just a few days before Suri, the actress’s daughter, turns 17 on April 18, the 44-year-old said her final goodbyes to the production.

After a ten-year absence, the Dawson’s Creek actress, who was previously married to actor Tom Cruise from 2006 to 2012, made a stunning stage return in The Wanderers.

As high-profile celebrity Julia Cheever, who is about to have an affair with Abe, played by Eddie Kaye Thomas, Katie plays in the play that follows the lives of two couples.

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Suri has recently shown her talents in the entertainment industry, so it would appear that the young woman is following in her mother’s footsteps.

In the opening credits of Katie’s movie, Alone Together, the talented young woman’s voice can be heard singing Blue Moon.

She’s very good,” Katie exclaimed, beaming with pride over her daughter’s role in the movie. I let her carry out her plan after she promised to do it and recorded it”.

In response, Katie said, “I enquired because I always want the best talent”.

The actress recently discussed her and her child’s activities during the pandemic lockdown in a recent interview.

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Katie stated in the second issue of Incredible magazine, “I painted, we had a sewing machine, so we were making quilts, and cooking; we were on a permanent vacation”.

The mother-daughter pair enjoyed a wonderful day by the lake, watching Dirty Dancing several times and dancing in the living room.

In a rare look into her relationship with Suri, Katie said in an interview last year, “I love her so much. Her development into her personality has always been my primary goal. to make certain that she is totally capable, strong, and confident in herself. and to be aware of it”.

Suri is apart from her father, Tom, and lives full-time with Katie.