Kenny Rogers was a beloved country music performer worldwide, and there were many tributes to him on social media just hours after his death. Kenny worked hard for every dollar he received.

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Kenny Rogers was born in Houston, Texas, on August 21, 1938, into a poor household with six siblings. Kenny was influenced as a child by his father’s alcoholism.

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Kenny believes his father began drinking because he was concerned about his ability to support his family. Kenny, however, opted not to drink because he saw how difficult the struggle against alcoholism is. As a result, his early challenges aided him in becoming a good person.

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He had known since high school that he wanted to pursue a music career, but he had a lot of work ahead of him. He worked as a busboy in a hat shop and washed the floor. After graduating from high school, he formed a band named the Scholars, but he was not the lead singer. The concerts he attended gave him a taste of celebrity. Kenny tried various musical styles early in his career until he found what suited him.

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Kenny continued to focus on country music in the 1970s, and in 1977 produced “Lucille,” which was a huge success, earning Kenny his first Grammy.

Kenny won a new Grammy for the popularity of his hit “The Gambler” in 1978.

Kenny is also well-known for his work with prominent singers such as Dolly Parton. The two’s collaboration was a huge hit, so they decided to cooperate on several tracks. The two became close friends, and Dolly was devastated when Kenny died, describing him as a lovely person who she adored.

Kenny Rodger had everything he could want in terms of money, having sold over $ 250,000,000 in recordings.

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Kenny stated that it is not the money he earns that drives him to desire more from his work but happiness. He was content to sing and do concerts, which provided him with money.

In addition to his musical career, he wanted to expand his horizons, which is why he was also an actor and entrepreneur, collaborating with the CEO of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Kenny was married five times and had five children in his personal life. He claimed he loved every woman he married, but he always chose music, which is why his marriages failed.

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Kenny initially married Janice Gordon in 1958. The second marriage has lasted three years. In 1964, he married, for the third time, Margo Anderson, with whom he had a kid.

His fourth marriage to Marianne Gordon, which lasted around 16 years, ended in 1977. Marianne received $ 60 million in the divorce, but Kenny believes she deserved it for the beautiful marriage.

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Wanda’s parents were two years younger than Kenny and were opposed to the couple’s relationship, but Kenny assured them that he understood their concerns and promised them that he would never lie to them and that he would take care of Wanda since he truly loved her.

Later, in 1997, the couple married, and their identical twin sons, Jordan and Justin, were born in 2004.

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Kenny and Wanda had a lovely marriage and remained together till he died in 2020. Kenny and Wanda’s parents were close friends as well. Kenny died in his home, surrounded by Wanda and his children.

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When Kenny Rogers died, his fortune was believed to be worth $ 250 million. He chose to split the wealth among the five children and Wanda.

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