Elvis Presley’s only daughter Lisa Marie Presley was a singer-songwriter who tragically passed away, leaving her family in shock and grief. According to Priscilla Presley’s spokesman, the family has sought privacy during this arduous time and is profoundly devastated by the tragic loss of their beloved Lisa Marie. Additionally, they expressed their gratitude for all the well wishes and prayers received from people all over the world.

The well-known performer’s daughter was given medical attention before she passed away, but no other details were made public. Like her father before her, Lisa Marie desired to become well-known in the music industry. She produced three albums in the style of Elvis, fusing elements of country, pop, rock, blues, and gospel—genres he helped establish and which forever altered American music.

At the Golden Globes on Tuesday night, Lisa Marie Presley paid a moving tribute to her late father, Elvis Presley. A standing ovation was given to her at the Golden Globes on Tuesday because she was a fantastic singer and songwriter. She praised Austin Butler’s excellent portrayal of Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s biopic “Elvis,” saying it took her five days to realize how accurately it captured her father’s demeanor. The Golden Globes took to Twitter on Thursday night to send their condolences for Lisa Marie Presley’s passing, writing, “We are incredibly saddened to learn about Lisa Marie Presley’s death. “May you find peace? “.

Leah Remini is devastated

Leah Remini tweeted about Lisa Marie’s untimely passing, saying, “Lisa Marie Presley’s passing grieves me.”. Contrary to what most people think, Lisa’s life was not simple. With her son and father, she has made amends. My heartfelt condolences are extended to Riley, Finley, and Harper’s mother, Priscilla, and the entire family. “.

Just two days prior to her passing on Sunday, Ms. Presley had visited Graceland in Memphis once more to commemorate what would have been Elvis’ 88th birthday. Many fans of the King and his daughter will undoubtedly remember this occasion as bittersweet for years to come.

Elvis had a close relationship with his daughter, and in response to her desire to experience snow for the first time, Elvis took her to Idaho. The Lisa Marie was the name given to his 1958 Convair 880 private plane in tribute to his beloved child. Ms. Presley held a 15% stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises in addition to owning Graceland.

Despite the fact that she never had the same level of success in music as her father, Some of her lyrics, like “Someone turned the lights out there in Memphis” from the depressing song “Lights Out” from her 2003 debut album “To Whom It May Concern,” can be seen as reflections of her creative influence. “.

In 2018, she collaborated on an album commemorating Elvis Presley’s love of gospel music, appearing on one of the songs with a recording of him. She said in an interview that she was deeply affected by singing along with him during the duet.

Since the passing of her father, the illustrious rock ‘n’ roll king Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, a late singer, songwriter, and actress has become well-known. She was wed to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, from 1994 to 1996, which attracted a lot of interest and media coverage at the time. Since then, she has been surrounded by A-list celebrities, which has increased the already considerable celebrity she already possesses.

In 2002, she wed actor Nicolas Cage; however, their union disintegrated abruptly after just four months. Before marrying Mr. Jackson, Lisa was married to singer Danny Keough for six years. The couple had two children: Riley Keough, an actress, and Benjamin Keough, who passed away in 2020 at the age of 27. Finley and Harper Lockwood were born to Lisa and Michael Lockwood while they were recently married.

Leah Remini is devastated

This past Thursday, after learning of Lisa’s passing, a number of celebrities used Twitter to express their condolences. Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer wrote: “We’ve lost another shining star. On social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, other famous people offered their condolences. In fact, Lisa Marie Presley will be remembered by many people for her contributions to the music and film industries throughout her life in addition to the fact that she is Elvis Presley’s daughter and has accomplished a lot on her own.

The Calabasas, California, residence of a female was discovered to be unresponsive, according to a report from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which said they were called to the scene early on Thursday. CPR was started on the patient by the paramedics when they arrived. Before transferring her to a nearby medical facility for additional medical care, they examined her health and confirmed that she was still breathing. It was regrettably revealed that the woman had sadly passed away a mere few hours later.

Priscilla Presley wrote about her struggles with drug addiction in her chapter for the book “The United States of Opioids: A Prescription for Liberating a Nation in Pain.”. She spoke candidly about her ongoing battle with this horrible illness and her sincere desire to support others going through similar battles. Ms. Dot Presley will be remembered as a steadfast supporter of those whose lives have been harmed by opioid addiction and as an example to many who have struggled with substance abuse issues.

I’m devastated by Lisa Marie Presley’s passing. Contrary to popular belief, Lisa’s life was not simple. May she now rest peacefully with her son and father. Riley, Finley, and Harper, along with her mother Priscilla, are in my thoughts and prayers. — Leah Remini (@LeahRemini), January 13, 2023. http://t.co/7Sb0DFjbZH.

Ms. In a reflective essay that was published in People magazine in 2022, Presley discussed her childhood losses and pain. She spoke of her pain at losing her beloved Mr. Keough and how it had affected her and her three daughters in a profound way. She made it clear that even after a significant amount of time has passed, the pain does not magically go away; rather, it accompanies them for the rest of their lives.

Ms. Presley emphasized how our culture works to minimize or dismiss the idea of mourning, as if one can “get over” a catastrophe after some time has passed. This is not the case, she said; rather, it is a burden that must be carried for the rest of one’s life. She urged readers to have compassion for those who need more time than they may believe is necessary or appropriate to mourn a loss. Everyone manages these emotions in their own unique ways, she emphasized.