Lexi and Danny Reed were a lovely couple with many hopes for the future and wanted to do great things together, but one thing stood in their way: their weight.

Lexi weighed 480 pounds, and Danny weighed 280 pounds when they married. These figures harmed their life.

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Lexi and Danny have been good friends for ten years, during which time they both developed feelings for each other and realised they were in love, and they have been developing a gorgeous pair since then. Danny didn’t mind Lexi’s weight since he loved her for who she was. Lexi weighed 392 pounds when she turned 25.

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Lexi admitted that she was always an emotional eater. She ate whenever she was happy, upset, furious, or worried. The two did not consider their weight an issue and did not urge themselves to live a better lifestyle, but fortunately, they understood at some time that their weight only affected their health. They understood they needed to change their ways but were terrified of the process.

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Lexi claimed that each consumed over 4,000 calories each day and only ate fried or fast food. They ate a few fruits and vegetables. Lexi’s daily duties got increasingly demanding, even impossible, to the point that she decided enough was enough.

Lexi also remembered a scenario that had left an impression on her. She had always wanted to visit an amusement park and ride the roller coaster, but after waiting in line for a long time, she was told she couldn’t since her weight was too great.

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Lexi felt it was time to act in January 2016. Danny consented, and the two began their road to a healthy life, though it was initially difficult.

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Lexi developed an Instagram account named “Fat Girl Fed Up” and began documenting their journey to a better lifestyle. Despite the difficulties, the two had the will and each other.

Lexi stated they were tired of their lives because they couldn’t do many things together. They were also concerned that they would be unable to have children if they did not take action.

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Lexi gained 240 pounds, while Danny shed 70 pounds. Along with dieting, the two went to the gym together. They stopped eating out, drinking soda, and eating fast food. They also stated that they would first undertake 30 minutes of sports every day.

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Fortunately, the two were able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They now cook together and feel much better about themselves.

Lexi thinks it’s fantastic how far they’ve come together while still pursuing their ambition.

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Lexi also has 1.2 million Instagram followers and motivates many people to improve their lifestyles because health is essential. Lexi and Danny have also been invited to recount their tale on various TV programmes. Lexi is overjoyed that she can inspire others positively.

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Lexi stated that she no longer feels like a prisoner in her own body because she is now free to do anything she wants, whenever she wants.

Lexi currently lives a healthy lifestyle, goes to the gym, and demonstrates to others that change is possible, even if it initially seemed impossible.

Start slowly and concentrate on what you need to do, and the results will follow.

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