Many people found Dr Phil’s show to be engaging and captivating, and he appeared to be a very good and stable man, but little was known about his past before he became a TV star.

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His ex-wife, Debbie Higgins McCall, spoke of their turbulent marriage and frequently referred to her ex-husband as a “dominator.” Dr Phil didn’t reveal anything about his previous relationship.

Phil McGraw has amassed a fortune of over $400 million and has become one of the best-paid daytime talk show hosts in history. He has, however, been implicated in some controversies, including sexual abuse and the exploitation of those suffering from mental illnesses.

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Phil was married to Robin for more than 40 years.

Debbie stated that Phil did not want to move, but his father forced him to do so to keep a watch on him; yet, the change proved beneficial to Phil.

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Isn’t this the perfect couple? The two began dating in their junior year, but Debbie was not permitted to date until she was 16, so they opted to keep their romance going.
Phil was kind and compassionate, Debbie claimed in an interview.
They married in 1970, but things began to alter after the ceremony. Debbie stated that Phil had grown dominating and had asked her to stay home and care for the house and lift weights to enlarge her chest. She also claimed Phil had been unfaithful to her.

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Debbie stated in 2002 that her ex-husband never disputed being unfaithful and that it had nothing to do with his affection for her, but that’s how the world works. Phil remained silent about his first marriage when the couple separated in 1973.

Phil never confirmed or denied Debbie’s charges of infidelity, but he did discuss why he believed a marriage might collapse. He believes that before getting married, you should consult with your partner about how you would manage your money, who will work harder and stay home longer.

Phil is now married to Robin. The two have been together since 1973, shortly after their divorce.

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They later married in 1976 and had two children, Jay and Jordan.

Divorces between celebrities are pretty interesting to the public, and there was speculation about the settlement when Phil and Debbie split.
Debbie is said to have received $1 million after the divorce, although there is no evidence to back this up. Debbie tragically died in 2014. Her brother stated that he attempted to inform Phil about the unfortunate situation, but he never answered or returned his call.

Debbie’s daughter uploaded the photo below in memory of her mother.