Linda Gray said it was a privilege to have been the mother of her late son Jeff and that she treasured him. She told him lovely stories as she worked furiously in the kitchen

Actress Linda Gray announced her son Jeff Thrasher’s passing on November 23, 2020, in an Instagram post memorializing him and describing his type of person.

“A service in memory of my son Jeff. He was the most polite, humorous, and loving person I’ve ever met. “.

Gray said that her child was loved by everyone and gave the world so much love. She sent him well wishes along with the bike, heart, prayer, and weep emojis.

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Gray included a picture of Jeff riding a bike with his back to the camera along with the article. She also posted a photo of his name inscribed in the sand and encircled by a heart on Twitter.

She posted another tribute to him on her Instagram page three days later. Gray said that she has a lot to be grateful for and that being his mother is an honor.

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My memories of cooking with my dad are pleasant. He prepared his cranberry sauce and sliced the turkey. “.

Gray also posted a picture of the mother and son team smiling broadly in the kitchen, a turkey on display.

Jeff was a producer and director with accolades. His experience in marketing, television and documentary production spanned 15 years.

He was a passionate, risk-taking, and accomplished storyteller. Also up for a Canadian Film Award was his documentary, Mission Asteroid.

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According to Soap Hub, he reportedly fought leukemia when he passed away. Between 1962 and 1983, he was married to Ed Thrasher, who was Gray’s father.

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The former couple’s 55-year-old daughter Kelly Thrasher is wed to Lance Sloane. Two kids were born to parents Kelly and Lance.