What could be more lovely than pregnancy?

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However, pregnancy can be stressful since parents believe that all they want for their children is for them to be healthy.

A young couple was expecting the birth of their first child. They already knew he’d be called Brody.

Unfortunately, the ultrasound revealed issues and that an abortion could be preferable.

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Sara and Chris, the baby’s parents, discovered that he had a bilateral cleft lip and palate, which could cause him health difficulties.

However, neither of them considered the possibility of abortion.

His parents have agreed that they want Brody to be born and that they will support him and help him overcome any difficulties.

They also chose to help other parents understand that having a child is a blessing and that they should be proud of their child regardless of the circumstances.

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Fortunately, Brody’s illness did not necessitate any special attention. Cleft lips and palates can make daily living more challenging since they make it more difficult to eat, drink, and even breathe.

Doctors currently do not know what causes cleft lips and palates. According to the Centers, around 2600-2700 children are born in the United States each year with a cleft lip, and 4450 children are born with a cleft lip with or without a cleft palate.

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Several people wrote to Sarah to mock her baby. Still, the mother remained strong and used all of these comments to encourage other parents who are experiencing similar difficulties that everything is good and would be fine. We must not pay attention to what terrible people say.

Sara stated that the malicious texts do not affect her and that this is how Brody wants her to be. She wishes for her kid to assist children experiencing the same difficulties as him and show them that everything will be great!

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Despite receiving many unpleasant messages, Sara also received a lot of encouragement and love from others.

The mother also stated that she was in a restaurant one day when a man approached her and offered her $1,000 to assist Brody.

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Brody’s parents put money aside to help their son get the required surgery.

Brody, fortunately, was able to have surgery and is now fully recovered! The parents believe Brody will require additional surgeries, but they are pleased with the results.

Sara and Chris reported receiving a lot of help from the cleft community. Many people prayed for Brody’s well-being.