Malia Obama has accomplished a lot despite being only 24 years old. When Malia was only ten years old and the family had recently moved into The White House, her father, Barack Obama, was elected as the 44th President of the United States of America.

Since that time, Malia has been putting a lot of effort into starting a lucrative screenwriting career. She has accomplished a lot in her life so far and continues to be a role model for young girls all over the world.

Malia Obama has improved both academically and in terms of her sense of style. She was once a timid little girl who clung to her father’s hand and wore dresses and ribbons, but now she is an adult with braids that are waist length and is at ease in her distinctive, varied, and casual style. Malia was most recently seen in public in New York City with her alleged lover, Dawit Eklund.

Malia Obama has changed

The former Harvard student, who wished to remain anonymous, was dressed in a baggy denim shirt and loose-fitting white leggings as she strolled through the crowded streets of New York City. She wore dark sunglasses and seemed relaxed.

Malia Obama exudes confidence and comfort as she enters a new stage of her life. Sasha, her sister, is a current scriptwriter for one of Donald Glover’s Amazon projects and has begun her studies at the University of Southern California.

Malia exudes enthusiasm for her new position and has faith in her ability to balance work and family responsibilities. Sasha is thriving and has no trouble adjusting to college life. The two young women appear composed and ready for whatever comes next.

Malia Obama has changed

In order to be close to Sasha’s college, Sasha and Malia moved to Los Angeles. A few months after Malia moved there, Sasha accompanied her. In particular, Malia, who just turned 24, is one of Michelle and Barack’s favorite children. Michelle’s heartfelt letter to her daughter from earlier this year sheds some light on Malia’s personality.

The mother thanks the universe for giving birth to her daughter and adds that it has made each day more meaningful. She loves her unconditionally and cherishes her more than words could ever convey.

“I am happy for Malia as she has developed into an independent, compassionate, and self-assured young woman. She is the love of my life. Dear mother, I love you so much. “.

Malia Obama has changed

Additionally, Barack Obama showed his respect for Malia on social media by tweeting a picture of his oldest daughter as a cute baby with the caption:.

“Malia has always been wonderful, and I’m so proud of the lady she has become. I adore her so much!

“Malia, happy birthday! No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my little girl. Since you are so lovely and gracious, I have no doubt that you will achieve amazing things in life. But know that no matter what, I’ll always be by your side. “.