It’s always wonderful when people donate supplies to shelters for animals, but not many people consider the people who work in these shelters.

It can be a challenging and thankless job to work in a shelter. Working with many abused and neglected animals can hurt an employee’s well-being, especially in shelters with limited funding and resources.

But recently, a generous man went above and beyond to thank those who help animals by providing shelter staff care packages worth thousands of dollars.

Bryan Tsiliacos, a San Francisco resident, is working toward a very kind life goal: he wants to carry out 30 deeds of kindness for essential workers before he turns 30.

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His most recent good deed involved giving 118 care packages to animal shelter employees, according to KRON 4.

Bryan personally packaged and delivered the boxes for local organizations like the San Francisco SPCA and SF A organisationsd Control after raising $18,000.

Donations to shelters are not uncommon, but they typically consist of things like dog food or pet supplies. The fact that so few people consider the actual workers who make everything possible made this gesture all the more unexpected and appreciative.

Virginia Donohue of SF Animal Care and Control told KRON 4 that the organisation “never gets donations that are focused on the employees.”. “Considering how hard this team works, this is really great. “.

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Riley Smith, an animal trainer for the SFSPCA, said, “It is adorable to see. Nothing like this has happened in the four years that I’ve been here.

The boxes include self-care products like wholesome snacks and toiletries. Bryan discovered the strain of working with animals in a shelter after learning that those who work in shelters are five times more likely to experience PTSD.

Bryan advised, “Go through some emotional stress because it happens when you’re dealing with animals that have been neglected or abused.”.

“No one likes to see a wonderful dog that must wait four months before finding a home. Virginia Donohue said, “That stuff wears you out quickly.
Bryan will turn 30 in February, and we hope his future deeds have claimed impact. His “big”, he declared, was a donation to the shelter’s staff. “.

To understand that community members are genuinely concerned about them, he told KRON, was “so nice.”.

Seeing someone do something so kind to shelter staff is nice because they work so hard.

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