Finding something that has significantly more value than initially thought, whether it be monetary or sentimental, is the goal of every amateur collector and treasure hunter. There is a good reason why countless individuals take treasure hunting seriously. Some are so skilled at it that they eventually choose to make it their career.

True life-changing discoveries are uncommon, despite how many storage units you search through, antique chests you open, and antique vases you buy in the hopes of discovering something valuable. A 50-year-old wallet was discovered inside an abandoned locker by treasure hunter Anton Lulgjuraj in May 2017. Lulgjuraj started his journey of purchasing old storage units in New York State years earlier.

Man finds 50-year-old wallet inside abandoned locker – when he sees the photos inside, he’s left speechless

Even though his discovery wasn’t going to make him rich, it was certainly enough to make headlines once the previous owner of the wallet’s identity was established.

Anton Lulgjuraj bought an abandoned locker in May 2017 in the hopes of finding something valuable inside. He had no idea what was being kept in the unit, according to reports, but when he opened it, he discovered a number of things that had once belonged to an Air Force pilot. An old, battered wallet was nestled inside a little box. The wallet contained a Diane Hall’s California driver’s license from the late 1960s, but there was no big find for Anton to flog.

Man finds 50-year-old wallet inside abandoned locker – when he sees the photos inside, he’s left speechless

Anton didn’t really care about the woman’s name or her age, which the card indicated was 20, but he still dug through the wallet and found an actor’s equity card and a few old photos. The photos and the equity card were enough to catch Anton’s attention, and he then started doing some research.
Anton’s next move was to tweet the Something’s Gotta Give star in an effort to catch her attention.
Amazingly, his efforts led him to make a startling realization: “Diane Hall” had evolved into iconic actress Diane Keaton. Even though her old wallet was 50 years old, he reasoned that she might want to be reunited with it.

Contributor “I think everyone has the hope that like if they lose a wallet, there’s a hope that, you know, you’ll get your wallet back one day,” Anton said.

“And you know, this is awesome, like. Keaton initially didn’t reply to Anton’s tweet, according to reports. But the actress became aware of the story when the New York Daily News picked it up. Keaton, who is now 77 years old, posted on Instagram about Anton’s discovery and was obviously thrilled. Her post read, “SOMEONE FOUND A WALLET I LOST 50 YEARS AGO! THANK YOU, MR. LULGJURAJ!”.


Wow, what an amazing discovery Anton made, and what a lovely way to wrap up the tale when Diane announced the find. Share this article with your friends so they can read it.