One of a person’s worst experiences can be losing a dog. When Michael Joy lost three of his dogs in 2016, this was what happened. Sam, a 4-month-old Labrador cross, was nowhere to be found, despite the return of two of the lost dogs. Michael put up stickers and checked all of the local shelters, but he had no luck at all. He did everything he could.

However, Michael never gave up. He said, “I told my wife, ‘Hey, I am going to find this dog.'” I never stopped, and I still follow the pages of the shelters just in case he had shown up. Michael had to move his family to Kentucky after a while, but he never gave up hope that his beloved dog was somewhere. He continued to make trips back to his old neighborhood in Georgia-in the expectations that Sam would in any case be there.

The moment a man finds his dog after five years will make anyone weep. In the meantime, Sam, his dog, had not been seen in five years. However, City Dogs Cleveland called him suddenly. She says, “We have Sam,” Michael recalled. I keep thinking, “This can’t be the same Sam!” in the back of my mind. Ohio is here! This is practically within Michigan! Consequently, I ask, “Can you describe him for me?” What’s more, she said, ‘He’s a lighter-haired canine’, and I’m like ‘Where are you and when could I at any point get him?'” When they discovered Michael and his family through the microchip, the Cleveland pet care facility was performing a medical exam on his plight.

Sam was dropped off by the police, who discovered him; prepare tissues for this one. After scanning the animal and discovering a microchip, the kennel staff contacted the record number.

It turns out that Sam was missing from Georgia for four years! In an emotional #reunion, his owner drove eight hours to get Sam. #happyending— City Dogs Cleveland (@CityDogsCLE) April 15, 2021 Michael didn’t wait any longer and went straight to Ohio, driving eight hours in the hope that Sam would still recognize him. He stated, “You can just see the anticipation in my face as we get up there and I’m waiting for them to pull Sam out.” I resembled a youngster on Christmas.” Also, as it would turn out, Sam was similarly however energized as Michael might have been to such an extent that he had no control over his tail from swaying continually, as well as bouncing over Michael.

“Get tissues ready for this one… Sam was dropped off by police who found him,” City Dogs Cleveland wrote in a tweet. After scanning for a microchip, the staff at the kennel contacted the record number. It turns out that Sam was missing from Georgia for four years! In an emotional reunion, his owner drove eight hours to bring Sam home. Please Read on: Dog owner vows to “sell his house” in a last-ditch effort to save his beloved pet from astronomical vet bills.