“Grateful is a gigantic understatement,” said Mattie, who tragically lost her first husband in a car accident in 2018.
Mattie Jackson, the daughter of legendary country music performer Alan Jackson, has found true happiness.

Connor Smith, 30, and Mattie, 32, wed at The Breakers Palm Beach in Florida earlier this month, eight months after they announced their engagement.
The expression “grateful” vastly understates our feelings of success. “More pretty pics to come later – off to the islands with my HUSBAND!” she wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo that featured a carousel of images from the big day.
Dad Alan, 64, shared a photo from the wedding along with a message on Instagram on Monday expressing how happy he and his wife Denise were to welcome a new son-in-law into the family.

Mattie Jackson, daughter of Alan Jackson, marries Connor Smith four years after her first husband passed away.

I send @MattieJackson and Connor Smith my best wishes for eternal bliss because Connor has officially joined our family, and Denise and I are overjoyed. About his 1994 hit song “Livin’ on Love,” he wrote as the picture’s caption, “Livin’ on Love!”.”.

The good news arrives more than four years after Ben Selecman, Mattie’s first husband, died from traumatic brain injury after falling and hitting his head in a September 2018 tragedy. Ben Selecman had fallen on a boat dock and had suffered a head injury.
After meeting at a happy hour six months earlier through a mutual acquaintance, Mattie and Connor began dating in April 2022, according to Mattie, the host of the podcast In Joy Life.
In a statement at the time, she wrote on Instagram, “I have believed, prayed for, and claimed for three and a half years now that God would give me the chance to love someone with my full heart again. Other wonderful widow friends reassured me that my heart could mend and grow to love two people equally and uniquely. And I sincerely hoped that would be the case. ”.

Mattie Jackson, daughter of Alan Jackson, marries Connor Smith four years after her first husband passed away.

She went on to say that Smith was “more of an answer to prayer (mine and countless others!) than I sometimes think he even realizes,” and that she was eager to find out what this new chapter would bring.”.

Following their wedding, Mattie and Connor went on their honeymoon to Saint Lucia, where they “adventured, rested, and drank local beer,” according to a post she made on Instagram. Mattie had an updo and a strapless dress on.

We shared headphones on the beach so we could listen to the same songs we did in high school, she wrote in the caption of her Instagram photo. “We read, played bocce ball, and shared headphones. I’m so appreciative of this wonderful man and our lovely honeymoon.
We ate, swam, and loved so wonderfully.”.