Even though twins are relatively common, some people need clarification about how two different people can be similar.

Twins Megan and Morgan, despite their similarity, attracted more than just enquiring looks from onlookers. Their four-year-old eyes were the colour of clear water, and when their picture was captured on camera, it quickly went viral online.

The world fell in love with photographs Megan and Morgan Boyd’s mother had shared on Instagram when they were just four years old, giving rise to the “Trueblue Twins” moniker.

While most parents swoon over pictures of their young children, the twins’ distinctive features garnered attention on a global scale. Their Instagram following has grown to over 153,000 now.

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Furthermore, it’s easy to see why I’m right.

On June 6, 2011, two girls were born.

The name of the girls was conceptualised by their mother, Stephanie. She was the one who gave them the name “TrueBlue Twins” to refer to their unusually blue eyes.

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To distinguish between Megan and Morgan, look into their eyes.

The sole individual with two blue eyes is Megan. Instead of being blue, Morgan’s right eye is dark brown, giving it a unique appearance.

These are the girls right now, at the age of nine.

Numerous twins are accustomed to dressing alike. Trueblues is not an exception to this rule.

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Stephanie claims she likes picking out and caring for her daughters’ clothing.

Her main priority is the mental and emotional health of her twin daughters.

Numerous individuals have been fascinated and astounded by the girls’ unusual eye colour has fascinated and astounded innumerable individuals.

Some people believe that people with blue eyes who are of African descent are wearing coloured contacts, but blue eyes are the result of a rare gene.

The mother of the TrueBlue Twins, Stephanie, claims that despite naturally having blue eyes, she does not wear coloured contacts.

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Stephanie appears to be grounded despite her daughters having achieved online fame.

She is aware that Morgan and Megan’s natural beauty has the potential to launch successful modelling careers, but she does not want to put any pressure on her daughters to go into the industry. That’s a great idea!

These adorable 11-year-olds today, aren’t they gorgeous?

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