We already reported on the publication of another trashy tell-all aimed at Meghan Markle, the British media’s favourite target.

With Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, there was some anticipation that certain Meg-obsesses may temporarily shift their focus to someone else.

Instead, the Duchess of Sussex has faced more criticism than ever before, with the British media going crazy over everything from bogus accusations that she was wearing a wire at the Queen’s memorial ceremony to complaints about Meghan clutching Harry’s hand at the funeral.

Valentine Low’s upcoming book Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown has released the first chapters, adding to this week’s dreadful stupidity.

The publication of Low’s book, which isn’t set to be released in the United States until June 2023, is a strategy to profit from current anti-Meghan feelings.

Even though his first name is appropriately chosen and he’s never felt love, perhaps the ironically titled Low hopes to hire a lawyer and defend himself against the impending libel suit before Meg gets her hands on a copy.

We’ve discussed Low’s accusation that palace workers ridiculed Meghan behind her back during her brief visit to the UK.

Low blamed Meghan for this, rather than the white folks who spat at her whenever she walked out of a room.

More ridiculous accusations are levelled at the Duchess in today’s Cosmo excerpt, this time regarding the beginning of her romance with Prince Harry.

According to Low, Meghan exerted pressure on Harry after only a few months of dating to declare their love to the world.

“She was threatening, ‘I’m going to break up with you if you don’t put out a statement showing I’m your girlfriend,'” a person told the author.

“‘She’s going to dump me,’ he said, terrified.”


Jason Knauf, Kensington Palace’s communications director at the time, was tasked with “confirming Meghan was his girlfriend and criticising the racist and sexist connotations of some of the media coverage.”

Low constructed a cover story because he clearly does not believe racist words made by online trolls could intimidate a lady of colour.

Meghan is required to obey the following rules:

Every “journalist” and media outlet must explain the Duchess’ every move resulting from cartoonishly nasty, bad-faith thinking.

Of course, the fact that the link was made public and Meghan was subjected to a barrage of horrible harassment is the most logical explanation for Harry and Knauf’s behaviour.

Tragically, she is still bullied today, but the bullies are finally being punished for their misdeeds.