Melanie Lynskey is transparent about her past body issues and how she learned to respect and love her flesh. In an interview, Lynskey—who played Rose on “Two and a Half Men”—discussed how she battled her “unusual body” and developed severe eating disorders that put her health in danger. Lynskey claimed, “I was going insane trying to fit into something physically impossible for me.

I endured a protracted period of misery. I once felt as though I wouldn’t be able to stick with my diet. ‘”.

Melanie Lynskey discusses her health issues.

The “Togetherness” actress claimed that among the effects of her eating disorders were emotional distress and hair loss. Lynskey remembered that she was losing her hair and feeling down. 38-year-old Lynskey claimed to have overcome her body insecurities and is now at ease with her appearance.

I need to look the part, and I’m confident that producers will want to cast someone with my appearance in a film or television program, said Lynskey. You can’t fake it, she said, so I had to learn to feel comfortable in my own skin. Lynskey declared that she would no longer take on roles that negatively depict her size. It’s not like there’s anything wild going on over here, but Lynskey pointed out that because I’m a size 8, it seems that way. When I was an actress, I used to receive numerous offers for roles in films like The Fat Friend and other things, but I would always politely decline. “.

Melanie Lynskey discusses her health issues.

Lynskey added that she likes playing characters who “have a different shape than a lot of women on television” and not having to live up to “unrealistic expectations.”. According to the actress, having her fans’ support gives her confidence and inspiration. Many women, according to Lynskey, looked like her. Sometimes I meet women who are thankful to see a reflection of themselves on Twitter or in person. “.