It’s odd to watch a child star mature into an adult and follow their career as we figuratively trace the course of their lives. Now, there are a lot of young stars in Hollywood who are just a passing fad; those who make their debut in a popular movie or television show only to see their fame fade shortly thereafter. Even if they occasionally receive recognition for the role they played, they typically end up working “normal” jobs.

Some people, however, have already reached the heights of their star potential. You know the kids: the ones who make a strong first impression and then continue to grow. Melissa Gilbert unquestionably belongs to the second group.

Melissa first played Laura Ingalls in the wildly popular Little House on the Prairie in 1974, when she was just nine years old.

As impressive as it was that she got the part, she had no idea how much fame and stardom it would bring her. neither the enormous global appeal and popularity the show would eventually enjoy. The nine-season television series Little House on the Prairie, which starred Michael Landon and Karen Grassle among others, propelled young Melissa Gilbert to heights beyond her wildest dreams. Melissa was just a young girl when she landed her iconic role as Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie. She practically grew up on the set while filming the series between the ages of eight and eighteen, and the experience had a profound impact on her life, including the development of her relationship with her on-screen father, Michael Landon.

She admitted to Parade, “I loved my job from the beginning.”. “I undoubtedly had a great time working on the Little House on the Prairie set. If you were a child performer, it was a great place to grow up because it was amazing and fun. ”.

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Although fans will always remember her as Laura, her experiences in Hollywood didn’t stop with Little House. She later went on to star in television movies like The Diary of Anne Frank and The Miracle Worker, hold the position of President of the Screen Actors Guild from 2001 to 2005, finish fifth as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and even run for Congress in Michigan’s 8th congressional district in 2016, winning the Democratic primary before withdrawing due to health issues. It should go without saying that Melissa, having grown up in the entertainment industry, knows a thing or two about the pitfalls associated with fame. READ MORE Melissa Gilbert’s tribute to Michael Landon is absolutely heartbreaking.
Melissa Gilbert finally breaks her silence after rumors about her new home.
In fact, the 58-year-old actress recently relocated to the Catskills in New York from the glitz and glam of LA in order to escape her familiar life and find one of peace, tranquility, and better reflection.

The old house Gilbert and her husband moved into required quite a bit of elbow grease, according to recent interviews. She told Fox News that the plumbing was “a little wonky” and that there was no heat in the apartment. “It appeared as though the inhabitants had just finished packing up and left the house because it had been left in that condition for decades. ”.

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She told Next Avenue, “When we walked in the front door — I’ve smelled musty places, [but] I’ve never smelled anything like the smell that came from this house.”. It was too much to bear. But the longer we remained in that crowded, musty place, the more I began to see past all of that and realize that this location had the potential to be truly exceptional, she continued. Additionally, Melissa recently declared that she was done battling nature and the aging process.

“I grew up in a field that values the outside much more than the inside, and I got caught up in the never-ending cycle of trying to look young. “Over the years, Melissa underwent a number of botox, filler, and breast implant procedures in an effort to counteract the effects of aging in a conventional way. In Hollywood, a place famous for applying aesthetic filters to almost everything, this was hardly out of the ordinary. After working on the 1981 television movie Splendor in the Grass, Melissa reportedly had her first experience with cosmetic surgery. Her nose was given a slimmer appearance on the set of the movie by the makeup team. Melissa was left with the impression that her body would have to be changed in order for her to perform certain roles effectively.

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This was followed by years of experimenting with different types of cosmetic surgery, such as – as mentioned above – a breast implant procedure and botox. However, Melissa eventually realized that the person she was transforming herself into was not actually her. “I was all dolled up,” she remarked, “and it was a red carpet for the Nip/Tuck season 4 premiere. My hair was very, very colored, and the level of fillers in the botox was at its peak. And that really caught me off guard because I was looking in the mirror and wondering, “Who is that person? That is not me. To have her breast implants removed, Melissa underwent surgery in 2015. One of my smartest decisions, she said, had ever been made. I completely shaved off all of my hair and stopped getting botox and such. I adore the numerous adjustments, the unfolding events, and getting to know this new individual. ”.

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a post Melissa E. shared. (@melissagilbertofficial) Gilbert.

No matter the route you choose, Melissa, we’re with you. No matter their shape, size, or stature, we at Newsner think that everyone should be able to feel at ease in their own skin. Leave a supportive comment on our Facebook page if you’re a fan of Melissa Gilbert as well. Share this article on Facebook in the meantime if you believe she made the right decision in choosing a natural aging process.