Melissa McCarthy was Sookie on Gilmore Girls when many of us first met her, but we now know her for so much more. Her role as Ursula from the live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid, in which we will hear her sing for the first time, will soon be known to us as well. To be fair, any of her social media followers have heard her sing. In a certain sense. for instance, playing around with her husband. Because that couple and their family truly embody the ideal unit. Melissa McCarthy’s family must also be loved if you want to enjoy their sense of humor, silliness, and solidarity. Because they are just as oddball, endearing, and most importantly, sincere as the actress herself. Ben Falcone and McCarthy have been married since 2005, but they’ve actually been together for 27 years. Falcone is McCarthy’s husband and a frequent collaborator. The couple started dating in 1998 after becoming classmates in the same improv class at the Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles. The actress has appeared on screen alongside her husband in films like Bridesmaids (you’ll recall him as the undercover officer seated next to her on the plane), The Heat, and even some earlier Gilmore Girls episodes. McCarthy frequently serves as Falcone’s inspiration when writing screenplays for films like Tammy, The Boss, Thunder Force (which stars longtime family friend Octavia Spencer), and Life of the Party.

McCarthy and Falcone worked together to create one of my all-time favorite Instagram posts in July. She put on a mustache, they donned wigs, and they danced around being silly and making each other laugh. Why? I mean, why not? McCarthy captioned the photo, “The real key(s) to happiness.”. Step one is to wed your odd best friend. Step two is to keep a ton of wigs in your home—I mean, always. The oldest child of McCarthy and Falcone, Vivian, was born in 2007. Although the 14-year-old hasn’t appeared in many of her mother’s social media posts, she did make her acting debut in The Boss, which her parents co-wrote and directed in 2017. Although technically Vivian was first on the Gilmore Girls set when her mother was pregnant for her and the pregnancy was written into the show, she played McCarthy as a young girl being sent back to the orphanage in the movie.

Vivian fought hard to be included in the movie, the proud mother revealed to E! in 2018. For months, they persisted in asking, and after we repeatedly refused, “my oldest asked, “Am I not even allowed to try?” [Vivian is] very smart, so I responded, “That’s good, you went right to it because I certainly can’t say you’re not allowed to try,” she told the publication. So, for the next month, we waited to see if she would actually comply. She did a fantastic job. The young Vivian apparently caught the acting bug after experiencing life on set for the first time when she played her mother in Thunder Force. Vivian played McCarthy as “young Lydia” in Thunder Force, which is currently streaming on Netflix and was written by her dad, Falcone. Check out her scene where she is the wisecracking student in class to see that she is undoubtedly her mother’s daughter. Outstanding comic timing.

Georgette, their daughter, is eleven.

When Georgette, the daughter of McCarthy and Falcone, was born in February 2010, Vivian gained a big sister. Both Vivian and Georgette seem to be extremely funny, much like their parents. So much so that maintaining discipline can occasionally be difficult. In December, Falcone told People, “They get out of being disciplined because they are funny. “They’ll act in a way [to garner laughter] and you’ll be like, ‘Alright, hold on, that’s not the point. Georgette might make a good stunt performer.

Georgette also made a fleeting appearance in The Boss as one of the girls selling brownies, but it seems like her acting career in movies may have been more of a stuntwoman than an actor. She’s such a daredevil that for her tenth birthday last year, her mother gave her a stunt vest instead of the typical Hong Kong harness that you’d give to a 10-year-old. What you use is it. It’s a stunt harness, which you would wear in a fight scene or if you were being jerked up. It will also pull you back if you are in an explosion in a movie. On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, McCarthy said that was all the woman really wanted. “I kind of got her a baby stunt vest because I love stunts so much. If Georgette outgrew her baby daredevil phase, it sounds like she might consider a career in anime design, so maybe there’s an anime artist in the family. Georgette, according to McCarthy, “is taking Japanese lessons,” according to DeGeneres. She’s so into anime that she’ll just go upstairs when we’re about to leave for school. When she returns, she has a full band of yellow [across her eyes] and declares, “I’m ready for school. I’m not sure about you, but the McCarthy/Falcone household seems like an absolute blast from top to bottom.