In an interview, Michael Buble explained how the cancer diagnosis for his oldest son “changed what mattered to me. ”.

The “Sway” singer’s son Noah, age three, received a liver cancer diagnosis in November 2016.

The following year, Noah, now nine, received treatment and was declared healthy.

It “obviously changed me in a big way – it changed what mattered to me, it changed how I saw life,” Buble said in a recent interview.

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“For the majority of my career as an artist, especially on stage, I had adopted my alter ego. “.

He continued that I’d become the superhero I’d always wanted to be. “After that, my wife and I went through an unbelievable experience, and I lost contact with my alternate self. “—the Canadian artist dedicated “Forever Now” to his children in 2017 after Noah’s cancer recovery.

When Noah was diagnosed, according to a previous statement by Buble, he and his wife, Luisana Lopilato, quit their jobs and moved to Vancouver to be near her family while Noah underwent treatment.

He claimed that he “felt like I could do anything” to record a new record after going through something “such horrific and frightening” as his son’s cancer treatment.

In an interview with the publication, Buble expressed his happiness at returning to work and getting ready for his upcoming stadium tour of the UK in March.

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According to him, this was his best performance to date.

Without ever preaching, I want to be a unifier. It involves more than just performing songs or jokes. Given the situation we’re in right now, I want to bring people together and encourage them.

Elias, Vida, and Cielo are Buble and Lopilato’s three children, and the couple has been married since 2011.

The musician said of his marriage, “More than anything, my wife and I recognize that each other’s fulfillment is crucial.”.

No one is perfect, so I’m not saying we are, but we both understand. ”.

“She’ll be filming a movie for a few months next year, so I’ll be Daddy on set, and she’ll do the same for me. “.

Our ultimate goal, he continued, is to accomplish everything together.